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I'm Not a Freshmen

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It was my first year at college and was looking more forward to football games and partying then studying and going to class. I was fairly popular in high school so going to a large university was tough cause I was no longer the man by any means. I figured I could fool around with a few drunk naive freshmen girls for a quick screw but I wanted more than that. My cock ached for the hands of a true college female. I've already been jerking with my roommate Brian since I arrived on campus and was starting to get bored with just that. Now to jump to the story

It was the second game of the season and we pretty much dominated our opponent. They had no chance. As I was leaving with my buddies I saw this absolute bombshell leaving too. She was blonde, really skinny, but she still had an awesome ass and rack that made her shirt go way out. I told my buddies to check her out and they all thought she was hot too. So us being the creeps we are, followed her back to the parking lot to see if she was doing some tailgating after the game. Well sure enough she was not to far from where we were before the game. I found out her name was Kaylynn by hearing some people talking to her. Then there was a beer pong tournament. I got my buddy Chad and we snuck our way into the tourney. We won our first round and watched as Kaylynn and her partner Kathleen(who isn't bad either, really cute latina girl, awesome ass) also won their round. So we were up against them now. We beat them and they left disappointed so I followed them to talk to them.

I introduced myself and they asked where my cute friend was. Excited to hear the word 'cute' I called Chad to come find me. He found us pretty quickly and off away from campus we went. Kaylynn asked us where our dorms were, so we played it off and said on the other side of campus so she wouldn't know we were freshmen. Then Kaylynn said we should go back to Kathleen's dorm, which is where the juniors and seniors lived. Once we arrived we all got more beers. As Kaylynn went to get beers from the fridge in the other room I went to take a leak. When I came back Chad and Kathleen were kissing and Kaylynn wasn't back yet. I went to find her and she was sleeping. I decided to go wake her up. When I woke her up she asked what I was doing in Kat's room. I said I didn't feel like seeing Chad and Kat go at it like wild animals. She laughed and said we should stay. Being corny, I told her how beautiful she was. She said your just saying that and I said look at my tent in my shorts. I was waiting for her next move.

As she was staring at me, I heard moaning outside. She said, 'Well, since they're having fun we might as well too' and came over and unzipped my pants exposing my cock. I took my jersey off and then stripped. So here I was, completely naked in front of this goddess. She still had her clothes on as she was stroking my rod. So I came over to her and put my hand up her skirt and found her pussy. No hair, life was looking good. I pulled her skirt and panties down and was looking at a perfect ass and pussy. All that was left was to unveil those titties that was getting me harder and harder by the second. I told her to take her shirt off and when she did I almost creamed. Now I've been with good looking girls before but everything on her was perfect. Her boobs were perfectly round with small dark red nipples, which is my favorite. We started sucking face and I started to finger her pussy. She pulled away from my mouth and was moaning with delight. I kept doing work down there and she was wet. I mean very wet. I could tell that she was starting to come close so I went as fast as I could and she lost it. The look on her face told me I did a good job. I just hoped she knew how to handle a dick. I was already close to cumming so it didn't take long once she put her hand on my dick. Her grip around my shaft was so perfect. I love when a girl has small hands and it can't really wrap around the dick fully. So she was stroking me and in about a minute I was spewing rope after rope of cum all over Kathleen's bed. She laughed and said,'well I guess Kat has to do some laundry tonight'. I laughed too and went to see how my buddy was doing. I looked outside as, well can't really say on this site. What a day. Oh she found out we were freshmen later on and she never spoke to me again. Jerk.



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