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I Wasn't the Only One

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When I discovered masturbation at age 12, I wondered if anyone else did the same thing. I found out a year later, much to my relief.


I discovered masturbation by accident when I was 11 or 12. I had been idly playing with my penis when it got hard, and started feeling better and better. I kept it up, and had my first (dry) orgasm, where it seemed my whole crotch was vibrating with tension and throbbing with the most pleasant feelings I'd ever had.
I immediately started to wonder if other boys did the same thing. I'd never heard anyone mention it, or evidence of them doing it, other than seeing a few friends put their hands in their pants when we were watching morning cartoons and rub around when we were younger.
Then when I was 13 I visited my cousin of the same age. We had a house full of relatives, so we slept out in his tent in the yard. We both only wore boxers to bed. It was a warm night so we slept on top of our sleeping bags. I enjoyed looking at his slim, lithe body. He was a swimmer, and now that I think back, was very shapely, though I didn't have a term for it then.
We talked for a while, then I slipped off to sleep. After I slept a bit, I was woken up by a rustling noise, and opened my eyes to see what was causing it. Though it was night, there was a moon so there was plenty of light to see by. My cousin was laying on top of his pillow with his boxers off, humping it slowly. I usually used my hand, but I had masturbated by rubbing on my pillow and other things, so I immediately knew what he was doing.
I lay perfectly still with my eyes open just enough to see, and watched him having his fun. I was excited to finally know other boys did what I did, and especially excited to be watching him. I was on my side and slowly slid my hand into my boxers to hold my erection. He was starting to go at it with more exertion and abandon by this time, so I could move my hand slightly without him noticing I was awake.
Finally my cousin stopped, tensed, opened his mouth like he was going to yell (he didn't), and I could see little jerking motions in his butt as he tensely gave his pillows little jabs. After a few moments of that he relaxed, and a look of calm came over his face. In a minute he rolled back off his pillow, and I had a good view of his penis and pillow, and his sticky, white goo all over both. That's when I came. I shot several small jets into my boxers, and it felt so great I thought I'd gone to heaven.
My cousin reached under his sleeping bag and got a couple of paper towels that he obviously had stashed there earlier for this purpose, and began wiping up. I watched him, and when he was done, I softly said, 'better let me use them, too.'
He jumped with surprise, and looked really shocked, and handed them over. I pulled my boxers down and cleaned up. He finally asked, 'were you watching me?'
I said 'yes, that was neat. I hope you don't mind, but you woke me up.'
'I guess I don't, since you did it, too.'
We both laughed and relaxed.
The next night we didn't bother to hide it from each other. We just went to it and a great time. We always did that from then on when we were together.



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