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I Want To See How It Works

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I just had to see it and how it works after often feeling it in me.


I had a strange upbringing. Lived on a farm and was schooled in an all girl school until I graduated. As a result, I never had much to do with the opposite sex although I was certainly straight. I ended up getting a job in a city and I got an apartment. I knew that living in a city things would be different so I had my doctor prescribe birth control pills.

Sure enough, it happened. I got me a steady boyfriend. And, sure enough, it wasn't long and I invited him into my apartment. We started out on my sofa in the living room but ended up in my bed where we had sex several times that night. This was how I lost my virginity.

A week later, my period started. I sure wasn't in the mood for sex but my boyfriend sure was. He always was! And, it was on this first night of my period that I told him 'I want to see how it works'. I was referring to how he ejaculated. I'd felt it in me and had seen the semen oozing out of me but I'd never seen a man release it before. I'd had girlfriends tell me about it but this only made my wanting to see it that much more.

Anyway, my boyfriend asked me 'see how what works'? I answered him 'you know. See how you ejaculate your semen in me'. He asked 'you've never seen that before'? I answered him 'no. Never have'. He still didn't believe me and said 'you're telling me you never gave a boyfriend a hand job before'? I told him 'no'.

He begin to know that I was serious and it seemed to get him excited. His manhood quickly went erect in his boxer shorts. He then started rubbing on himself there and said 'so you want to see a man shoot his rocks off'. I said 'do what'? He said 'ejaculate his semen then. I'm sure you understood that'. He then pulled off his shorts and laid on his back. He was totally erect. He then told me 'come on and lay down here. Tonight you're going to give your first hand job to a man'.

I laid besides him. He said to get the jel and coat my right hand with it. I did and laid next to him. He told me to 'take my dick in your hand'. I did and he said 'right there. Go up and down just like I was inside your pussy with it'. I did as he said. He really was enjoying this telling me how it felt to him and how his orgasm was getting closer and closer. He eventually went to thrusting his hips telling me he was about to go and to watch. He then tightened up just like he does when we have sex and he's in me ejaculating. Then, off it went. For the first time I was seeing a man ejaculate. I couldn't believe how hard it came out although I'd sometimes had felt it inside me. It was nothing short of spectacular. When it was all over, he asked me 'well, was it what you thought it would be'? All I could tell him was 'now I know what it looks like and how it works. Next time we have sex I'll know more what's going on in there'.

I ended up jerking him off several more times during my period and watching him come, as I learned to call it and also seeing him 'get his rocks' and calling semen 'cum'. We soon afterwards broke up but because of him I now knew a lot more about men and 'how things work'. Also, have to give a good hand job to a man too.



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