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With My Son in Law (Part 2)

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It was a Sunday late afternoon when I called my son in law. I knew that he had just gotten back from taking my daughter to the airport, so she would be ready for a Monday morning business meeting. She travels a good lot of the time and is hardly ever home. My husband was going to play poker with his golf buddies, and I was going to be alone.

He said why don't you and I go out for something to eat and spend some alone time after? We picked a place and a time and the date was set.

At this point I went upstairs to my bedroom to sort through some new underwear I had bought the day before. The bra I was going to put on was translucent so my large dark nipples would show through. Although the bra gave no support. I also bought three pair of assorted color nylon bikini, and yes a black thong. That is what I chose to put on. This was the first time I ever had on a thong. With the feel of the strap up my ass it felt so good. Slipping my ass into a pair of really tight slacks. With a tight top and a pair of heels. I was ready to go.(Or cum)

We were both on time. I could see a couple of men at another table were enjoying a peek at my ass as I went by, making me feel even a little more sexy.

Finishing dinner we went directly to his house. Ready to start anything off again. I had him undressed first, as I told him I had a little surprise for him underneath my clothes. He started to remove my top exposing the sexy bra commenting on how he liked it. Then he took down my slacks and saw the thong. His cock stood at attention waiting for my command.

He kissed me and played with my tits getting me as wet as a woman possibly can. Then started to masturbate my pussy. He began to rub my, as he calls it my 'over sized clit'. I have not shaved since that night in the hotel so my pubic hair is growing back upon his request. I guess he likes them hairy.

Now he was performing magic taking care of my pussy and the other hand slipped under my ass and started to enter my ass hole. I was starting to orgasm. I knew now it would not be long before I was cumming in his hands again. Just then my hips began to buck as I told him, 'Don't stop!!!, Oh my goodness please don't stop' as I was cumming all over his hands. As I finished he put his fingers in his mouth to taste me. I think he liked what he was tasting.

Now it was my turn to return the favor. I had him lay on his back as I began to get that cock of his back to attention. That was easy as I gently pulled back the foreskin giving his large head a pinch. He jumped to attention. Telling him that's right, keep that cock hard for me. Looks like he has not had any in a couple of days at least. His balls were tight and in no time at all he was shooting a generous load of cum all over my hands and his stomach. I then took a taste of my handy work, not leaving much to clean up.

We stayed in bed for a short time more. Talking, I told him I know your not getting much with my daughter never being home traveling all the time. I haven't been touched at home in a long time too. So maybe we could make this happen a little more often??? What do you think? He was all in favor. Maybe soon we could do more than masturbate but For that I need to be ready OK?? He said he understands.

Then I kissed him and got out of bed and ready to go home before my husband got home from playing cards. Before getting in my car and going home I asked him if he was sure he diden't want me to shave my pussy again. He said no I like it natural if that is OK with you. I laughed a bit and said let me know if you ever change your mind as I then started to drive home.



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