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I Saw Them in the Woods

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This left me breathless.....and unable to do anything about it which was sweet agony.


I live my life among noise. Every day I work, I'm at an airport or on a flight deck. I'm used to the constant roar of wind noise and jet engines, so whenever I can, I walk in quiet places. Woods, forests, fields, anywhere where there is no noise. It's like taking a bath after a long day. Of course, here, in the land Down Under, you have to be careful walking among nature, but it's doable. Many of the parks are lovely, and some of the woods have cabins where you can shelter from the sun or rain.

So, I'm walking along, wishing I dared walk through the longer grass and feel it tickle my legs, when I hear a giggle. Nothing more than that. I stop and strain to hear more. For a moment, there is nothing, then I hear a "John! Not here!", but I'm a woman, and I heard the "don't stop" tone in her voice, but where......?

I saw a track to my right....it went through the area of long grass and towards a small copse of trees. Don't ask me what the trees were, I have no idea. So, I make my way towards the woods, enjoying the thrill of walking partially through this longer grass, when I heard another giggle, that became a sigh. 

In the woods, I saw then through the trees. A couple of teenagers. They, well, she was leaning against a tree, while he was wrapped around her, and they were kissing like their life depended on it. I looked around where I was, and found myself on hard packed soil, so I felt fairly safe from the creepy crawlies, and anyway, they obviously felt safe. Then his hand went to her breast before sneaking up under her t shirt. She moaned out loud at this, and her right hand dropped from sight and I guessed it had gone for his crotch. 

Then, the pulled away, enough for him to lift her t shirt up and off. She looked young to me, around 15-16 I would say. I doubt that she was much older. Then came her skirt, and finally, her panties were around her ankles, and she stepped out of them. 

"My dad would kill us both if he found out! She giggled again. "Fuck him" replied the boy....."No! Fuck me instead" the girl said. 

She turned with her back towards the boy and I saw THE cutest little bubble bum and then it was obscured from my view and the lad shed his shorts and pants and pressed inside her. 

I remembered my early sexual awakenings when I was desperate for sexual contact. I thought about this girl. When she woke up this morning, she must have been anticipating meeting him. She would have showered, dressed, and almost immediately felt herself wetting up in anticipation. Him? He would have made some plausible excuse to his parents, maybe even set up a cover story with a mate....get him to phone the house, and ask if he could come to football practice or something. Then the walk to where they were to meet. She would have been keenly aware of the tingle in her clit, and the wetness between her legs and in her knickers. 

By now, he was pumping her really hard and she was moaning and begging him to go harder, faster. Then, the sublime moment when they both orgasmed. She came first, and it triggered him. For a moment, they stayed joined before he pulled out of her. She stayed exactly where she was, and I saw it! I saw the sperm run out of her, down her crack and drop onto the grass. She squatted, and for a moment I thought she would pee.....some young girls believe that if they piss immediately after sex, they can't get pregnant.....bullshit, of course, but teenagers believe what they want to believe. 

Instead, I saw her bear down a couple of times, and she squeezed even more of his sperm onto the ground. It was what she did last, though that really did for me. She beckoned the boy to her, and said "now let me suck you clean." She tools his semi into her mouth and sucked it for its full length. "There.....now your girlfriend won't know.....next time though, maybe we should leave my cunt juices on your deck for when she sucks you." Then she reached inside herself and wiggled her fingers, before taking them to her mouth. She repeated this a couple of times before saying "mmmmm I love the taste of your spunk." 

I stood there totally enraptured. I completely identified with the colossal,sexual urges I felt at puberty.....and beyond.....and I knew exactly what this felt like....this urgency....this desperation. 

Her final sentence though, totally blew me away. "Better get home before mum and dad wonder where we are!"

That caused me to cream myself.....and I mean the floodgates opened and if I admit been wearing panties, that old saying of "it was running down my legs" would have come true.

But I was in danger. I had used the path they had used, and I was still standing on it. No time to rub one out....I had to hide. There was a group of four or five trees immediately to my right, but as I looked at them, I notice th biggest fucking spider I've ever seen nestled in the fork of one of them. I HATE spiders...even the small ones we get in the UK. This fucker was enormous! I don't know what breed it was, but I treat everything that slithers or crawls here as deadly. (I once went running and screening into a crew room in Cairns because I'd gone for a walk round the airfield permeter and came across a large snake near the crew room which, at that point was a temporary portakabin. I was convinced it was a Brown Snake, or a Taipan....as if I'd know th difference. It turned out to be nothing more deadly that a rock python sunning itself....I got the piss taken out of me from then on.....even down to some joker placing a small rubber snake on my seat in the flightdeck! (Yes, I had to poke it with a pen before flicking it out of the window)

So,keeping an eye on this fucking spider,just in case it could jump or fly or something, I edged around the tree as they came towards the path. I managed to time it so that they passed me unseen. 

But they took for fucking ever to walk down that little path to the main path. Meanwhile, I couldn't move. I was stuck behind my trees, in company with my spider, who I had now named Henry, because he looked a bit like Henry VIII, and I thought giving him a name made him slightly less scary. Then, they sat down on a picnic bench. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they were clearly waiting for someone. Fuck! I wanted to masturbate, but I wasn't going to do that near a fucking great big hairy spider, and I could move, because they were at that distance where their peripheral vision would have made them see me. 

I stood there, one eye on the spider, and my mind firmly between my legs. Fuck, I can't remember ever being this wet, or at least, not for a very VERY long time! I was dripping, my clit was buzzing, and the more I thought about this brother and sister, the more I wondered what life was like at home for them.

Did they tease each other? Did she pad about the place in just her underwear to turn him on? Did he take her panties from the laundry, or, better still, did she give them to him? Did he let her see him straight from the shower with a hard on? Did she sit in that casual, carefree way girls do at home with her kinkcers on show for him, maybe before her mum told her to sit in a more decorous way? My mind raced through the possibilities, and I got hornier wnd hornier by the second. What about his girlfriend? She had said that maybe she should leave her count juices on his dick so that she would taste them....does she like the thought of another girl licking her wetness? Would she like it if this girl licked her? Maybe she'd like a threesome with her brother and his girlfriend? I couldn't stop ,y mind whirling in a conflagration of sexual possibilities....and STILL they sat there. 

Fuckety fuck fuck FUCK,

Then worse still, Henry moved. Only a couple of inches, but it was all I could do not to run screaming from the wood. 

Finally, a car pulled into the car park and both kids got into it and it drove off. I was able to walk....well....squelch myself back to my car. I was fully intending to rub one out in the car, but fate pissed on me yet again with a couple of minibuses arriving and disgorging a load of,tourists into the car park. Double fuck, with shit on top! 

So I drove back to my flat. Ever driven while so horny you can barely use the pedals without risk of cumming? 

I cli,bed the stairs to my flat and let myself in. I knew this would be messy, so I went to the bathroom, stood in the shower and just jammed my hand in my panties and went for it. I came, literally, in seconds, and it was a wet one too, I easily soaked through the gusset on my knickers as I relived the thought of this brother and sister. Not fucking....oh no...not that....I thought about the teasing at home. It brought five very satisfying orgasms before my clit started to get sore. 

I had to shuck my clothes. Not only was my top sweaty, but my skirt had got wet from the car, and my knickers when I took them off, I squeezed them, and droplets ran between my fingers. Obviously I'd squirted when I'd cum....I've noticed I'm doing that more and more these days. Some guys love that, but others hate it, it seems. I've yet to be with a girl who doesn't like it though. The wetter the better it seems with girls. 

Then I showered, and dozed naked on my bed for an hour. A snooze after a fucking good cum is lovely. 

I love sex......I can't get enough of it.....men, women....either is good. Vaginal, oral, anal, yummy. Kinky stuff? Hmmm let's see. Peeing, yes I like that. I have done pooing once for a partner, but it's not something I'd do again. Role play? Now THAT I love! Having sex in unusual locations? So far, only with myself. I've masturbated on aircraft, even stripped naked and walked the full length of a 777 before now. I'd LOVE to fuck, buck naked in the body of a jet, but you can't do that easily. If I did, word would spread, important people would hear of it, and bang goes a hard won career. 

Threesome MFF? Done it. Threesomes MFM, not yet, but willing to. Orgies, proper everyone fucks everyone orgies? Nope...but not sure about that. Incest? Yes...been there, done that. I think I'm pretty open minded to physical pleasure. But, as yet, I haven't really fallen in love. 

Maybe one day. 

PS......I NEARLY MADE THE BIGGEST FUCK UP OF MY LIFE THE OTHER DAY. I'd gone to work having had a day off. During the evening, I had experimented with a couple of Ben Wah  balls. There are plastic balls, but they have a metal ball inside them, and a roughened surface inside. Imagine an inside out golf ball. Little bumps on the inside, smooth on the outside with this metal weight in each. As you walk, it sets up a deep vi ration in your vagina....and it feels lovely. Different women feel different things. Some, it makes them cum, me it takes me to a very pleasant sensation of fullness in my cunt together with a deep, almost sub sonic rumble which is arousing but it doesn't make me cum. After a while, you can have them in without really being aware of them, but you ARE aware of the effect of them. Endorphins are high and it makes you feel nice and dirty. So, id slipped them in early evening, wandered around, masturbated and dozed off. The Amal, clock had failed to wake me in time and I got a frantic phone call from ops asking I'm not very pleasant terms where the fuck I was. I'd grabbed my uniform. Putting it on as I ran from my flat to the car. By the time I arrived at the airport I was decent (from the outside) but it was only as I walked to the body scanner that I realised I still had these fucking things in my cunt! I could I,shine the scanner bleeping away, and then the wand which identifies where the metal is, then the stop search, and me, a captain, having to pull two of these out of myself in front of witnesses. The report to my management Captain would have been painful to discuss. Fortunately, women have a built in permanently ready excuse for suddenly veering off from the scanner and running to the toilet. 

I had to ditch my lovely Ben Wahs in the bin, and explain to a quizzical looking security guard (fortunately female) "sorry....period" her face relaxed immediately and she said "geez....tell me about it! 




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