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I Just Couldn't Help It...

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My wife and I had lived in the same apartment with my mother-in-law since we first got married. (We continued to do so for about 3 years.) This story takes place near the beginning of this time. This is a true story.

It was a sunny Saturday morning on a summer's day. I was sleeping soundly as I usually do (takes a freight train to wake me) and my wife had woken up early to get ready to go to work without disturbing me-- short of a gentle kiss before rushing out the door. In my drowsy state I didn't remember that she had mentioned she would be working on this particular day, nor do I remember the goodbye kiss, and had to be reminded later... After the incident. My mother-in-law, Sandra is a gorgeous woman. Her features are very, very similar to my wife's. When out in public, the two often are asked if they are sisters. They both get along really well, so they get a kick out of that. Sandra is normally a late sleeper like myself, and during the early months and years of marriage, my wife was in the habit of waking up early to make coffee and other delicious things and bringing them to me and feeding me in bed (score). This particular day, Sandra woke up earlier than usual-- after my wife had left the apartment for work, and began making coffee and breakfast foods. Normally I sleep heavily, but the good smells emanating from the kitchen roused me from my slumber. Upon seeing my wife's place in bed empty, I assumed that she was in the kitchen making the wonderful smells. Being the case, I jumped up from bed (still completely nude) and peeked my head out the door to make sure the coast was clear. As I gazed around the corner, I was struck with the beauty of what was before me. The naked, beautiful and curvaceous backside of what appeared to be my wife standing at the kitchen counter spreading butter on toast. Intrigued, immediately erect, and still somewhat drowsy, I stumbled around the corner while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes to greet the woman who appeared to be my wife. I heard a loud gasp and a clatter as Sandra spun around to face me making a futile attempt to cover herself. However, the way the kitchen was arranged, there was nowhere for her to hide. As this happened, I was frozen in my tracks as I tried to make sense of the scene before me. Not knowing how to handle the situation, we just stood there for what seemed like an eternity staring at each-other's nakedness. Both too stunned to move. Now, Sandra looked nearly identical to my wife from behind, but it was incredibly arousing to see her try to shield her naked body from my view. We soon overcame our stupor and we both soon were wearing huge, sheepish smiles. (we later laughed about this encounter) Slightly more chubby than my wife from the front, her breasts twice as large; sagging slightly, but not in a way that took away from the experience-- with nipples the size of silver dollars. Her legs and arms seemed to sparkle in the morning sunlight. Coming to my senses, my cock was noticeably throbbing and I could feel her gaze. Since I was the only one close to any doorways, and with no alternative recourse, I quickly retreated to my bedroom and flopped on to the bed. "Sorry!", I shouted down the hall. No response. And then-- "Just a minute, go ahead and get dressed and I'll be right back." I heard the door to Sandra's room quietly close. Laying motionless on my bed, I felt my hardened, impatient "member" twitch-- as if prompting for further action. I gladly obliged, seeing no other way of softening enough to put pants on-- short of allowing my dick to hang out the zipper-- which, I must admit, was briefly considered. I furiously stroked my insatiable cock as I pictured her beautiful, mature physique. Her image still fresh in my mind. I reflected on the prospect that my wife would years from now be every bit as drop-dead gorgeous as her mother. I seem to remember how cute she looked as she attempted to cover herself and then how quickly she had given up and seemingly allowed me to full view. These thoughts prompted a tightening of my stomach muscles as I neared completion. I increased my rhythm to double time. I gasped and shuddered as thick streams of cum spurted from the end of my violently throbbing penis. Oblivious to my surroundings, I lay on the bed; my head still spinning. Covered in cum. Suddenly, I heard the door to Sandra's room close and steady footsteps approaching. I panicked and quickly pulled the blanket over myself just in time for Sandra to stick her head through the door. She had thrown on a thin blue robe that I had never seen before her erect nipples clearly visible. Embarrassed, I stammered an apology to which she replied "When you get to my age, you've seen it all." We both laughed about it as I sheepishly stayed hidden under the now-soiled covers as our awkward conversation continued for some time. Ever since this time, I've suspected Sandra of multiple intentional "wardrobe malfunctions". Often I would get a good view of one of her breasts popping out from a towel or a robe. Many occasions while she was in a towel after a shower, she would walk into sight before bending over to "retrieve something from the floor" (I never observed exactly what she was doing-- as I was distracted), affording me an uncensored view of her sexy ass, and very beautiful, and very hairy pussy. I even thought I heard brief moaning noises coming from the direction of Sandra's room once or twice. I would have loved to have witnessed more... sigh... We haven't spoken of these incidents since we moved out a few years later, but let me tell you-- I've spent a lot of time stroking myself to the memory of this particular occasion-- of which I am thankful that this turned out to be the first of many such occasions. We still live close to my mother-in-law. Nowadays she has taken to coincidentally taking off her bra in the other room nearly every time I show up to her place for dinner or a family event. She says it is more comfortable. I love it, because her erect nipples are constantly visible through an often very thin tank top. Not sure why we've never talked much about things like this, but I'm just enjoying the sexual tension. I have more stories, so let me know if this is too wordy or confusing and I'll try to make the next one better.



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