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The Power of Imagination

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My favorite way to masturbate is to resist the urge during the week and then go at it during the weekend. But this isn't just your regular 'grip it and rip it!'

What I usually do is go to this Website, read a couple of stories-basically, I get myself excited. This is all without acknowledging my state of arousal in any way. This proves especially challenging and pleasurable in restrictive clothing, like jeans. Nevertheless, I do not touch myself. Here's the fun part: after being thoroughly aroused by the stories, I proceed to strip naked and get into bed. With the sheets off, and air circulating around my testicles and fully-aroused cock, I fantasize.

I think about girls I know, celebrities, and strangers. The activities can be handjobs, blowjobs, or even intercourse. My favorites are handjobs and blowjobs. I imagine that a girl is running her hands all over my chest, feeling my muscles, running her fingers through my chest hair. This gets me all tingly. I can feel my nipples harden and goosebumps and shivers throughout my body. My cock quivers with excitement. I then imagine that the girl runs her hands around my pelvic area, ignoring my rock-hard cock. More quivers. I then imagine that the girl takes hold of my cock and then makes slow deliberate strokes. When imagining this, I try to recreate the exact feeling of someone else's hand on my cock-I can feel the blood shift around as the imaginary hand runs the length of my penis. More quivers. I flex my cock in excitement and precum oozes out. I continue to imagine-all the while trying to keep from flexing my cock. That way it feels more like someone's doing something to you than you are just fantasizing. I have not touched my body yet, though I already have precum dripping from my fully aroused cock onto my belly. I now imagine that this girl takes me into her mouth, which is warm and moist. Her tongue runs the length of my cock and I quiver again-flexing my cock to get another ooze of precum. I now imagine that she has swallowed me whole. My cock is enveloped in a warm blanket of imaginary mouth; I am in fantasy heaven.

I close my eyes and force myself to imagine that these feelings are coming from someone else and are not my imagination. This makes the feeling more intense. I feel a welling in the pit of my stomach. Here's where I focus everything on that little ball of brewing orgasm in the pit of my stomach. I imagine all the blood from my body racing toward my cock to expand it even more. I keep this up until I feel the ball growing, welling, until I raise my hips off the bed and flex my cock. A squirt of precum jets out from the force. I hold it (I sometimes feel myself go cross-eyed with closed eyes and sometimes I start shaking), hoping the little ball surfaces into a mind-numbing orgasm without ever touching myself. But, alas, I have not reached this point yet.

After this failed attempt, I console myself by lightly touching my testicles. This is the first contact my genital area has received up to this point. It feels incredible. I slowly raise my hand to my cock and wrap it with my warm hand. I then very slowly stroke my cock, precum running freely. I then use the precum and massage the head of my penis. I now feel the little ball in my scrotum. I keep massaging the head of my penis with my precum until I reach the point of no return. I then stroke my cock until I cum. And what a cum it is! My eyes roll back slightly. The welling surfaces and stays there for several moments. Several spurts of cum jump into the air-the first two or so usually land near my neck or on my chest and then, as the spasms subside, the cum starts to ooze onto my hand and cock. My chest is cum-splattered and my cock is dripping with cum.

I grin in my post-orgasmic state.

I feel completely spent.



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