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New Year's Eve

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Our little group of girls celebrate New Year's in the best way possible.


I have a small group of friends within a bigger group, last New Year's Eve (06-07) we decided that we were sick of our friends drinking themselves to the ground and having to clean up after them so we skipped their party and went on a picnic instead. We went to a huge nature reserve, at one end of it where was a concert for local bands, where they would be setting off fireworks, we went all the way down the other end where there were no people so we could talk and not have our food trampled on.

The New Year came in, and we watched the fireworks, but didn't want to go out to the car to leave because we had vowed to avoid drunk people. We noticed a couple having sex off in the distance, Becky laughed and said "Well, were all single, so I guess there's no New Year's shag for us." Eden then lay back and placed her hand down her pants "Damn, I'm in the mood as well." We were all shocked when Meg stated "Err... What are you doing?"

A little discussion later, explaining things to Meg and just general conversation on the topic we decided to go off somewhere else for a little more privacy.

This particular park had a short walking track, with a clearing up in the middle, we went up there, we were all alone, Eden suggested we take half an hour each to "bring each other into the New Year."

Eden went first. We placed the picnic rug at the base of a tree and she took off her pants and sat up against it. Becky nudged in behind her and began massaging her breasts and I sat in front fumbling around between her legs. Eden then turned to Meg "I've got some toys in my bag." Not surprising of Eden, that girl has a crazy sex drive. When we're out, we often suspect by the amount of time she takes in the toilet that she's taking care of business.

Meg pulled out a purple dildo. She passed it to me and I inserted it into Eden. Becky then encouraged Meg to blow on Eden's clit. Half an hour later Eden had had multiple orgasms and Meg grinned "Okay, my turn, but go easy on me, I don't want anything inserted"

Meg lay against the tree and Becky lay in-between her legs, using her stomach she grinded against Meg's clit. She then got up and Eden licked her for some time and I used a small vibrator on her nipples. Meg began to gasp and she reached her first orgasm ever. She didn't want to go for the full half hour, so it was my turn.

Meg massaged my breasts and Eden took a metal spoon out of our picnic hamper. She held it inside a melting ice brick for a while then pressed it against my clit. It was amazing, the ice was freezing cold and it was a hot night. She then began to move it around and I became all wet, it's something I continue to do now. I love the feel of it. I then mounted onto Becky's back and humped her to an amazing orgasm. Meg then began sucking on my nipples and Eden massaged my swollen labia. The ding we set on Meg's phone then went off signaling the end of my turn.

Becky lay on the rug, I have to say that I'd seen Becky naked before on school camp when I walked in on her in the shower. Since then I had been envious of her body. As I got a closer look that night I have become even more envious. She has small, tight, pretty labia and as Eden was massaging them she propped herself up to see and her piercing blue eyes looking down as she bit her lip drove me wild. I jokingly said "Geez girl, I think I've got a bit of a thing for you right now," and she grinned and said "Well, do you want a go then?"

I propped myself up on Becky, the same way she did for Meg and rubbed my stomach up and down on her pretty body, Meg and Eden when began massaging her thighs, I hopped off her and Eden licked her and she came. We then heard people coming up the track, so we fixed ourselves up and pretended that we were packing up from our picnic.

We went home, because I had forgotten my house keys and my parents were out of town I stayed with Becky in her little flat where she lives by herself. She said "You know what sucks? I didn't get my full half hour because of those people" Without a word, we went into her bedroom, stripped, and began showing each other our pussys. She pulled out her bottom bedside draw, which was packed with little toys, mainly dildos. I looked at her and said "I can go you one better" I took her into the bathroom and made her lie in the tub, I positioned her so her legs were over the side and her pretty pussy just under the faucet, I turned the tap on and her face was gorgeous and she bit her lip. I then took my turn and we went back into the bedroom and dried each other off, with a lot of playing involved with the toweling.

Becky and I are now little masturbation buddies. We both have boyfriends and they love to watch us. But tonight is New Year's Eve again and the boys are banished as the four of us go back to our little spot on the clearing.



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