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How It Might Have Happened

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The image of Catherine walking around in public in nothing but a shirt and socks and shoes and getting fingered has really inflamed my imagination...!


This is a follow-up to Catherine's Bottomless Bus Ride - Published: May 6, 2013.

In September 2012, I wrote the following fictionalized and highly embellished account of Catherine's experience on the bus. I hope it makes for more stimulating reading...

Catherine and I are sitting in the bus shelter. She has her knees together and the hem of my T-shirt pulled down as far as it'll go, which isn't very.

"Relax," I tell her. "Let your legs open up so the air can get to you. In fact, stand up a second." She does, and I raise the back of the shirt, exposing her lovely bare ass. "Okay, sit back down." She rests her pert posterior directly on the gently ridged metal surface of the bench. In front, the shirt barely covers the tops of her parted thighs, shadowing the hairless mound of her sex.

Before I can think of anything else for her to do to risk intimate exposure even further, the bus approaches. "This is ours," I tell her, and we exit the shelter, me guiding her ahead of me with a hand on her back. As the bus pulls to a stop before us and the door hisses open, I let my hand slide down over her bottom to the backs of her thighs and slip beneath the shirt to caress the marks left by the bench on the soft, smooth skin of her rump. I grin to myself, feeling her silent trembling from nervousness and excitement, knowing that my action has caused the hem of the shirt to ride up a bit in front.

No one gets off the bus, and I urge Catherine forward with my hand. As she climbs before me, my fingers cradle her cheeks and my thumb nestles in her crack. The driver glances disinterestedly at Catherine when she reaches the top of the steps, then his eyes widen and his mouth opens as he catches sight of her bare thighs disappearing beneath the shirt. I give him a broad, friendly smile and a wink, before giving him our fare and a quick upward flick of the hem. Speechlessly, he watches as I guide Catherine down the isle to a forward-facing seat. "It's pretty full," I tell her. "You'll have to sit in my lap."

Beside us, in the seat next to the window, a guy that looks like he's pretty down on his luck sits staring vacantly at the passing traffic. After a brief hesitation, the bus starts up. I run my fingertips teasingly up and down the tops of Catherine's thighs, brushing the shirt higher and higher until her pussy is almost fully exposed. "Do you like this?" I whisper in her ear. She merely nods, too nervous to respond aloud. "Let's see," I say, and slip my right hand, the one on the isle side, between her barely parted thighs. My fingers encounter the warm, soft skin of Catherine's pussy and the puffy lips liberally smeared with wetness. As my finger teases her, Catherine can't suppress a low moan and she eases her legs further apart.

I glance at our seat mate to see if he heard, and notice that Catherine's front is reflected in the window, showing the hardened points of her braless breasts through the T-shirt, and my hand moving rhythmically beneath its hem in her lap, and the guy's eyes are glued to the image. I whisper to Catherine that we have an audience, and she moans again. "You like that, don't you?" I say to her. "You like being watched while I finger your hot, wet, naughty little pussy?" She nods again, wordlessly, trying not to make noise. "Hey, buddy," I nudge our seat mate, "check this out." He gives a guilty start, then turns to face us. I angle Catherine so her legs are toward the guy and lift the shirt above her lap. His eyes drop between her thighs and I remove my fingers from her pussy, then spread open her lips, giving him a good look at her clit and inside her. "He's hard," I tell Catherine. "He probably wants to fuck you. This is probably the best thing he's seen in a long time."

The guy starts to reach out with a trembling hand. "No," I tell him. "Sorry, dude. You can look but you can't touch... Tell you what, though, you can watch while I make her cum. Would you like that?" "Yeah," he says in a shuddering near-whisper. "All right, baby," I say to Catherine. "Let's give him a show he'll never forget." With my left hand I resume rubbing her clit and with the right I finger her very audibly. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah! Ah! Mmm!" Catherine can't stop herself from letting out soft, short exclamations of pleasure as I force her toward a public climax. "I want you to cum for him, Catherine," I breathe into her ear. "Cum for us. Cum for all of us on the bus. Cum right now!"

With Catherine so close to a climax that she's almost sobbing with her need for release, the sudden slowing of the bus interrupts my relentless masturbation of her. "Shit! This is our stop," I say. With an apologetic look at our stunned seat mate, I grip Catherine by the waist and swing her around (grinding her ass quite deliciously on my hard cock, by the way) to face the isle, giving the people on the other side a quick flash of her wet and swollen pussy before the shirt falls down to barely cover her once more when she stands up on wobbly legs. Judging by the shocked and flushed features of the people around us, the guy in the seat beside us wasn't the only one who knew what was going on, and I rush Catherine to the front of the bus, deciding we probably pushed our luck too far, and it's time to get to my place.

As we start down the steps, the driver says out of the side of his mouth, "She's too hot to be taking this kind of chance with her, buddy, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the show, but find some pants for her before you bring her back on my bus. Hell, before you bring her back out in public." Catherine proceeds me down the steps, and I can see over her head a young guy and girl waiting to get on the bus. The guy has been facing his companion, talking, and when he turns back to the door of the bus, he comes face to pussy with Catherine. From where he's standing below her, the shirt conceals nothing, and his mouth falls open. I put a hand on her shoulder, halting her descent for a moment, giving him time to collect himself and move out of the way, but also allowing him to look his fill. The girl, a blonde, looks past her companion to see why he stopped in mid-word, and her eyes go wide as she sees. "Spread your legs a little," I whisper in Catherine's ear. She does obediently, and the couple explores her with their eyes. "That's enough," the driver says, and before he can make a scene, I maneuver Catherine off the bus and down the sidewalk.

As we head to my house, I tell her about the guy and girl and the way the crotch of his jeans started to bulge and her nipples got hard and she licked her lips. "I wasn't sure if they were going to get on the bus or try to follow us. They were looking at you like they wanted to eat you, and they might have fought over who'd get the first taste. Damn, you are so fucking hot! I'm gonna take you just as soon as we get through the door...!"



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