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How I Learned to Masturbate

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Growing up in the rural area of the Midwest in the 1960's, I was informally exposed to sex from an early age. During the summer, all the boys in the community went swimming at the local creek. We all swam nude and from the time I was 8 or 9 years old saw many naked bodies of older boys. The older boys would often 'beat their meat' on the creek bank. I never participated in this but learned that it was something that made you feel really good.
I discussed these activities with my best friend who lived some distance away and didn't participate in these swimming hole activities. I remember several times he and I trying to make our dicks feel good and we would stroke and stroke our prepubescent cocks trying to produce the good feelings I had heard about. We finally began to doubt that it was really true.
On one summer day, one of the older boys, perhaps 15 or 16 and I were alone at the creek and he asked me to play with his cock. I remember him sitting down, leaning back against a big tree while I sat between his legs and fondled his very large and hard cock. I don't recall that he played with mine but it was so immature that nothing would have happened anyway. I don't remember if I made his cock shoot off or not but if I had produced an orgasm, I likely would have remembered it! Some time after that, when I was probably 10 years old, my buddy and I through persistence were able to make our cocks tickle and feel good when we would beat them. We never touched each other, just pumped our own cocks as fast as we could. After we began to feel pleasure, beating our meat began to be a regular thing. We would sleep over at each other's house and do it in bed or when we were playing together, would drop our pants and make ourselves feel good. He would always fantasize that he was 'doing it' to one of the girls we knew but I just would beat mine to make it feel good.
Soon after we began to be able to produce pleasurable sensations, I stared doing it when I was in my bed or in the toilet and soon it was a daily ritual. I would have a longer session at night before I went to sleep when I would pick out one of the girls in our community or one of the older ladies to dream about while I beat myself off. My fantasies were quite detailed although I knew nothing about female anatomy and really didn't know how one would go about fucking a girl. Also, I usually had a morning session before I got out of bed but it was pretty quick and then, after school while sitting on the toilet I would make cock feel good. Of course, I was unable to produce any semen, but my cock would feel so good that I couldn't touch it any more. It would turn a fiery red and tickle fantastically.
I seemed to be late in reaching puberty, at least my buddy who was 6 months younger began to grow hair and his cock was larger than mine. This made me feel somewhat inadequate and after a couple of years our sexual activity together began to decline and about the time I was 12 it stopped altogether. However, a few months before we stopped, I discovered that an older buddy also was into masturbation. The first time we did it together, he told me that it felt a lot better if you would put spit on it to make it slick while you beat it. I tried it that way and liked it and ever afterward lubrication added much more pleasure to masturbation. As he was a couple of years older than I, it didn't bother me that his cock was bigger and more developed than mine.
One of our earliest experiences together was when he allowed me to beat him off. I really enjoyed doing that. His cock was very thick and fat though not very long. He unzipped his pants and let me stroke him as we stood. Apparently I was coordinated enough in my stroking or he was aroused enough with me doing it to him that I made him shoot off rather quickly. I was astonished as I watched his big cock shoot jet after jet of thick, white cum that splattered heavily onto the floor in front of him. After that time, we often would beat each other off. We had many really erotic sessions with fantastic orgasms. I learned that by prolonging the session and allowing ourselves to get really aroused, our orgasms were always better. We usually would masturbate each other but as our sessions usually includes several orgasms, we would often play with each other's cocks as well as beat our own meat. He would always shoot off when he had an orgasm but my orgasms were still dry or at most a drop or so of cum. I was masturbating so frequently that there was never enough time between orgasms to build up a load of semen. During one very memorable session together his cock produced a lot of pre-cum-we called it cock juice and I beat him off using only that for lubricant. We never did experiment with oral sex or anal sex. That happened later with other guys. For 2 or 3 years, we would have sex together every few weeks but then he found a girl friend and our sexual adventures stopped.
I was still masturbating with so much frequency that ejaculation was at most a few drops and I used large amounts of saliva for lubrication. The summer just before I turned 14, I was on a trip with my family and had no opportunity to masturbate. It was the longest period that I had ever gone with out beating my meat since I first learned how. After a week, one afternoon all I could think of was sex. Riding along, I indulged in an arousing fantasy that kept my cock hard all afternoon. When we stopped for the night, I went to the bathroom as soon as I could and sat on the commode, my knees squeezing my left hand while my right hand stroked my very aroused cock. I had developed a technique where I would tense the muscles in my butt and legs while I beat my cock and thereby produce a more powerful orgasm. I remember still how good it felt and how aroused I was. It seems that the orgasm came very quickly. To my astonishment and amazement, when my cock began to feel good, it began to shoot jet after jet of cum. Hot, thick, white semen shot from my tickling cock and covered my left forearm, across my leg and onto the wall of the toilet. I had never seen so much cum before and to think it came from my cock was really exciting. In all the years since, with thousands of orgasms I don't think I have ever shot such a big load. Oh, there have been many times that were just as arousing, a lot longer and more erotic that resulted in multiple orgasms accompanied by large amounts of ejaculate but that one 'quickie' stands out in my memory and I can still remember the feel of the hot cum on my arm and the pungent smell.
Masturbation was still a daily activity until I was 17 when I began to do it less frequently. Then when I went away to college it became less frequent as private time was limited. From then on, these infrequent masturbation sessions were more prolonged, more erotic and accompanied by greater heights of arousal. No longer was saliva the lubricant of choice as the more intense sessions produced large quantities of pre-cum which serves as a much better lubricant and the second, third and forth orgasms could be well lubricated with semen.



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