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My Cousin

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My cousin catches me at it during a sleep-over.


I had a cousin, P a couple of years younger, living in the same town and we frequently had sleepovers.
By this time I had discovered my fatherís porn collection. It was kept on the top of the large wardrobe in my parentís bedroom and was hidden by a wooden ledge. It included many straight magazines, a large vibrator, a couple of sex tutorials, the best of which was 'The joy of sex'. I finally discovered that the discovery I had made was called masturbation and that my orgasms were producing copious amounts of "semen". I now needed six sheets of toilet paper to mop up each night.

Masturbation was part of my sleep routine and so when my cousin was over I would wait until he had gone to sleep and do it quickly, ejaculating on my stomach and then mopping up with the toilet paper I took to bed with me.

One night as I was mopping up, the rustling of the tissue paper must have woken him.

"What are you doing? Are you playing with your knackers?"

I admitted I was.

"What are you doing?"

"Well it gets all hard and I rub it. It feels really nice."

"Can I see?

I simply walked over to his bed and took my hard dick out of my pyjama flies.

"Show me yours then." He opened the front of his pyjama bottoms. His dick was only about three inches and had a knot of foreskin at the top.

"How come you've got no skin there?" I explained that it pulled back when I was hard.

"Show me what you do." I started to stroke my dick up and down with my left hand. It was horny and I got close soon.

He was trying to pull his skin back and asked me to help. It wouldn't go back, but he was quite hard.

I wanked off, cumming in some toilet paper. He tried to do something similar, and did manage to give himself a dry orgasm.

That was it that day, but the following he managed to shoot a couple of drops on his own.

He told me with great pride and we became wankers together every night we slept in the same room. We helped each other out from an early stage.



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