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Hotel Interruption

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Caught by the hotel maid.


I was on holiday in Spain with my then girlfriend Becky. I awoke one morning feeling rather horny -- we'd been too busy in the past few days for our usual morning sex. The room was a bit warm and Becky had thrown off the covers sometime during the night. She was sleeping facing away from me, her t-shirt hiked up around her waist giving me a fine view of her nicely rounded bottom. My cock swelled and I slipped my hand into my pyjamas, fondling myself as I imagined taking her from behind.

I was quickly hard and eager for more. I pushed down my pyjamas down and moved closer, spooning, my arm around her and my erection lightly pressing against her naked bum.

"Mmmm, morning," Becky murmured sleepily, snuggling back against me. I cupped a breast and softly squeezed before lightly tracing the shape of her nipple though her top. She suddenly pulled away and I was briefly disappointed until she stripped off her t-shirt and lay down, fully nude and smiling at me. I gently spread her legs and knelt between them, slowly stroking myself as I admired her breasts and athletic body. She took hold of my left hand that was caressing her smooth thigh and guided it to her pussy. I took the hint and started slowly circling her clitoris, feeling it harden under my touch. I'd been masturbating us both like this for maybe a minute when I heard the door open behind me!

I turned to look (still masturbating) and saw the door was ajar, the hotel maid peeking through, looking right at me. She would have had a good view of me stroking my erection. She muttered an apology and quickly left, closing the door quietly behind her.

I turned back to Becky and moved atop her, guiding my cock against her pussy slit. She wrapped her arms about me and moaned. As I thrust excitedly and vigorously, I imagined the maid in an empty room, aroused, her hand up her skirt playing with her pussy. "Oh Becky!", I groaned as I climaxed hard and fast after only a handful of thrusts, over her belly.

Satisfied, I pulled back, my softening cock sliding down her thigh. She smiled at me then closed her eyes and started touching herself.

"Shall I fetch your toy?" I asked. She nodded and I left her briefly to get her favourite toy, a Magic Wand. "Where's the plug adapter?" I asked.

"Charging my phone," she replied. I found it, plugged the toy in and handed it to her.

She switched it on and placed it against her pussy, a low setting to start with. Watching her masturbate was turning me on. I knelt between her legs again and started masturbating as well. I became increasingly aroused from watching and listening to her own growing arousal. I could see that she was getting close and she turned up the vibrations to the maximum setting, pressed the toy firmly against her and orgasmed with a sexy moan, her body trembling.

"Mmmm, that was good," she said, opening her eyes and seeing me masturbating enthusiastically. She used her vibrator on me, pressing the head just below my balls. I moaned excitedly, on the verge of orgasm from the intense sensations.

"You want to cum on my tits?" she asked, putting the toy to one side. I nodded, the thought pushing me over the edge. I was cumming even as I moved to straddle her body, my first spurt landing on her belly and the rest splattering over her breasts.

I collapsed beside her, breathless and sweaty and spent.



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