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Cars Aren't Just For Driving

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A wonderful experience I shared with my friends cousin. My first time truely seeing a girl orgasm


Due to my parents divorce I had been staying with my friends family down the road. I won't indulge my growing up to this point but I was in my early years of high school and had discovered masturbation at a very early age. I was a middle child with an extraordinary imagination and was very introverted at this point. I had a huge crush on my buddy's cousin and she was also staying there that night. I was of course too shy to talk to her much, but I enjoyed her habit of occasionally walking through the house in her panties.

I had stepped outside after they all went to bed to smoke a cigarette, my way of dealing with the shit at home. All of a sudden I heard the door creak and turned to see her creeping out the door. She asked if she could have a smoke and I nodded dumbly, only able to focus on the fact that she was only wearing a tank top and panties. We talked a little and a chill led her to suggest we sit in the car in the driveway. Thankfully I agreed because I was having a horrible time hiding my erection.

In the dark car I thought I would be safe but a wonderfully bright c.d. player light gave off just enough for me to see her putting her feet up on the dash board exposing the little bit of panties covering her sweet pussy lips. All bets were off and my erection was out of control. She looked over and noticed immediately. Mortified I tried to hide it and she giggled and said she wished she had one of those so she could masturbate like she heard all the boys joking about. I assured her she could do the same thing, which made her very curious. At last I was in my element, I told her about all the movies I'd watched and some previous experiences. She said she had tried humping her pillow a couple times when she got wet but didn't think she could get off. I touched her a little bit showing her how to rub it and slide her fingers in it, she immediately took over and told me she didn't want to do it alone.

I began stroking myself next to her, using the juices from her left on my hand. She began rubbing faster and moaning. I could hear and eventually see the cream leaking out of the side of her panties. I was so turned on I began stroking harder nearing my own orgasm. She started cumming first and reached over and squeezed my arm while she convulsed in her seat. I wasn't far behind her and I felt it building up inside me. I had the best orgasm up to that point in my life. I felt the hot cream hit my chest and noticed it all over the steering wheel. This is one of a few distinct things that happened to me growing up that I can to this day think about and become instantly aroused. Hope you enjoyed it.



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