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Hot Summer Cum

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Jacking with Larry made sex with Marie really hot, and sex with Marie made me even hotter jacking with Larry!


I was playing with myself a long time before I played with anyone else, so when I first started playing around with my girlfriend, I masturbated more, not less; as my dreams came true, my fantasies just got better and better.

It all happened when I got my driver's licence, and Marie and I could be alone and warm in the dark. At first, we just got really aroused, kissing, hugging, and feeling each other, and my dick would get stiff and hot and drive me wild. After leaving Marie at her door, I'd rush home, slide into bed, and bring myself to orgasm once, twice and sometimes more times before falling asleep. I would remember Marie's beautiful skin, her smell, and the feel of her breasts under my hand, the hardness of her nipple, and the hot sweat of her thighs.

It wasn't long before my fingers found their way up between her legs, and I experienced the hot, slippery wet wonders that were there. Now, home in bed, the lingering smell on my fingers induced hot ecstacy between my own legs as I recalled the moans, sweet whimpers and hot breath of Marie as I brought her to her first orgasms.

A few times, I came in my pants while Marie stroked me, or pressed her thigh against me, and after a few weeks, her smooth, gentle hands pulled my pants away and her fingers began learning how to make me moan with pleasure. All the time, at home, in bed, I enjoyed the pleasures of my own hand as it caressed, yanked, and whipped my cock stiffer and stiffer until cum shot from its slit and my legs twitched.

One night in the summer, I took Marie home, and wasn't ready to head home, so I went by the local pizza hang out. My friend Larry was there. Larry was shorter than I was, and a year before, we'd been like sidekicks, hanging out all the time together. Larry was a few months younger, too, and his mom was poor, so he didn't have a car and asked for a ride home.

We headed toward his place, but we both decided we wanted to hang out, so we went down to the beach and parked along the water to talk. Larry and I loved to talk about girls, and used to do it all the time. He had an older sister, who was hot, and we used to fantasize about her; he love to hear me talk about fucking her. In fact, one afternoon, alone in his house, we went into her room, started looking at her hot lingerie, and pretty soon we were jerking together. It just happened! It happened twice more, too, whenever his mom and sister were both away.

So in the car at the beach, Larry started asking me about Marie. He figured that we had started playing around. I hadn't told anyone, and it was really great to be telling Larry. And the questions he asked were so juicy and hot. What's her nipple like? How does it feel in your mouth? Does she run her thumb over your helmet? How does she sound when she cums? Do you taste her?

Larry was a virgin, but he'd talked to lots of guys about sex with their girlfriends, and he really knew the hot things to ask. I was getting a big bulge in my pants, and when I looked at Larry, his legs were wide; he had one too.

'You wanna jack off together?' I don't know which of us asked the other, but in a second, our pants were down and we were stroking ourselves. Larry's cock was shorter than mine by an inch, but fatter, and for a small guy it looked big. But I wasn't looking much, I was dreaming of Marie, with her small pear-shaped tits, large dark nipples; dreaming of her thighs, sweaty and wet, and I began telling Larry what it was like to feel her clit, and slip my finger up inside of her, and start stroking her pussy and feel her hips move and her thighs work along with me.

I told about how I lay over her on the beach and we rubbed until I came on her, and covered her belly with cum, and then she pulled my hand to her pussy, and helped me bring her to a loud and wild climax. And Larry asked more questions, about Marie, and how she liked sex, and how I liked to get her off. I don't know how long we stroked together, but man...when we came it was awesome. We both came at once, panting, grunting, stroking hard for a minute, two or three, I don't know, until we erupted in cum. Wow, in months I hadn't cum like that!!

I have to admit, that many nights after that, home in my bed, I thought of Larry and I jerking as often as I thought of Marie. One night, Larry called me before I went out with Marie, and said he was going to be hanging out in town. Maybe we could get together later.

I got hot and stiff before I even hung up the phone, and Marie and I had awesome sex. We skipped the movie and went straight to our favorite parking place.

I left her at her door, flushed and tired and happy, and went straight to the pizza parlor. Larry was there. We both were a little nervous and excited. We knew what we were going to do and left as soon as I'd hung out with everyone a little. I drove back to the parking place, and Larry told me that his sister had a boyfriend, and that he heard them fucking one afternoon when she didn't know he would be home.

Our pants were down as soon as we parked, and we both had hard-ons. Quickly this time, we stroked to orgasm. We were both very excited, and then kept stroking as we kept up our hot talk. I felt Larry looking at my cock a lot, and it was making me hot. I enjoyed him watching and admiring me, and spread my legs a little wider for him to see.

It took a long time for me to get really hard again. I'd cum a couple of times with Marie and at one point, I stopped stroking for a minute. Without saying anything, Larry reached over and took my cock in his hand. At first I jumped a little, then lay back, and let him stroke me. His hand felt so good, so warm, so excited, so skilled. I was hard again, and for the next hour, Larry kept me on the edge until I was moaning and begging him to let me cum. When I did, it was huge, and it lasted for a long, long time!

I don't need to tell you that Larry and I did this a lot that summer, before we went to college. Jacking with Larry made sex with Marie really hot and sex with Marie made me even hotter jacking with Larry!



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