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Me: The Showoff

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Showing off for construction workers


Recently the government has initiated a project to have the buildings in my neighborhood repainted so for the past few weeks, there have been a lot of construction workers hanging around. They would ride on a hanging platform and paint from the bottom to the top of the building.

Last week, I had just gotten home from school and was watching a movie on my computer in my room but the noise from the mechanized pulleys bringing the platform up made it difficult to concentrate. I went to the window to try to see how much more progress must they make before they are done. My windows opened outward and since I can't open them because of the pulley ropes, I had to press my nose against the glass to see below.

I saw that there were just two or three floors below and there were two of them on the platform, one looked Indian and the other Chinese, and both were pretty lean. Now, my building had 21 floors and I was on the 19th, meaning they would be done painting soon. It was then that I had some horny ideas. I drew my curtains enough to cover most of my windows but I left two small gaps between them enough for the construction workers to see through. I closed my movie and out on some porn I downloaded, dropped my shorts down just below my knees and sat down rubbing myself through my boxer briefs. Now, the hard part was positioning myself so that my back would face them enough so that I could pretend not to see them peek in but also not facing my back completely to them so that they could see me exhibit myself. Plus I also wanted to angle myself so that I could peek at them peeking at me without them knowing. I managed to position myself just right (I hope), then all I had to do was wait. The sound of the platform moving was pretty noticeable but I just pretended I couldn't hear over the sound of porn through my headphones.

Pretty soon, the platform reached my floor and my heart was pounding from excitement. I could hear some soft clanking of equipment and muffled voices. From the corner of my eye (and the gaps between my curtains), I could see the Chinese guy was painting the wall while the Indian guy was holding the hanging platform steady. I think I was just a coincidence that the gaps were positioned directly where each of them were standing so they could both see in. The Chinese guy peeked occasionally while painting but the Indian guy was blatantly staring in. Some more muffled voices followed, I think the Indian guy was telling the Chinese what I was doing because I saw some gesturing and nodding and because the Chinese guy starting painting more slowly.

So with my back still half facing them, I stood up and slid my boxer briefs down. I was stroking at a moderate speed, keeping watch on the two outside my window who were now staring more openly. When I felt close to cumming, I stood up to grab some tissues and kept on stroking fast. I came quite quickly onto the tissues, hoping that the construction guys saw that. I heard some commotion outside when I took off my headphones and I saw them getting back to work. I then went off to clean up and throw away the tissues.

When I got back, I went back to watching my movie, thinking the whole event was over. But I heard some tapping on the window and it was the two guys. I went over and opened it a little and drew the curtains open to hear them speak. The Chinese guy was then started explaining about not touching the outside walls until a few hours later and other technical stuff that I didn't pay much attention to. I did notice that both of them kept glancing around my room, not sure what for, but after a few minutes, they left. I pressed my face against the window and I didn't see them even trying to talk to anyone else on the other floors, just riding the platform down. But all in all, it was pretty exciting.



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