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Coffee Table 2

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This is the continuation from a story posted on November 19th...


Just so we are all on the same page... my friend Lacy had stepped between my large wooden coffee table and myself. I was sitting on my couch pumping my cock, and she had just stepped out of her panties....

Lacy's fingers were slowly massaging her pussy lips while I sat transfixed. She simply stood there, teasing me with the sight of her perfectly fit body trembling a little at the end of every stroke. She was still wearing her little pyjama top, but somehow this just made it all seem sexier. After a moment or two we shared a silultaneous grin. I imagine she was thinking the same thing I was. It was a blended notion of 'we shouldn't be doing this' and 'we aren't going to stop doing this'.

Her smirk was cut short by a shudder that must have shot directly from her pussy to her head... beacuse she closed her eyes sharply and formed that sexy little 'o' with her lips. I wanted a closer look at the action under her fingers and I began to lean forward from my slouched position on the couch. Lacy might have thought this was an advancement to initiate more than just a peep show of one another, and she quickly used her free hand to stop my forward motion by pressing one fingertip in the centre of my forehead. I looked up to her eyes, all the while slowly stroking my cock, and waited to see what was going to happen. She just cocked her head to the side a bit to look past her own hand and whispered 'Stay.'

I nodded in comprehension as she moved her hand to the side of my head, almost as if she were holding me in place. She took two baby steps closer to the couch and pushed her pelvis toward me a little...

This resulted in her exquisite pussy being masturbated just inches from my face...

Now, I wanted to kiss her pussy, and I'm sure she wanted me to kiss her pussy, but we both knew we could not do that. Besides, the delight she must have felt knowing she was driving me crazy with lust...that makes it all worth it...

By now Lacy was really getting into it. Her free hand had left the side of my head and had begun to explore the area under her shirt. I could easily make out the motions of her pulling and twisting her nipples while she feverishly rubbed her clit. I was now torn with the choices of where to focus my attention on her body at any given moment. She was starting to lose her balance, I think, since she had now begun to pump her pelvis forward a little faster than before, and she was tipping her head back further. Though I was still masturbating myself, I was managing to keep myself fairly still, but Lacy lost control for a split second and accidentally(?) bumped her pussy and fingertip into my lips and chin!

For a moment I thought that would be the end of it, but she just paused and tilted her head down toward me smiling an 'oops' kind of smile. However she did realize that it had been a little to uncontrolled standing there on the hardwood, so she stepped back and sat herself down on the coffee table, her hand never leaving her pussy. She leaned back on her free arm and propped both feet up on the edge of the table surface... spreading her thighs and exposing that delicious little pussy entirely. It was dark, yes, but I could still see by the reflections that she was absolutely soaking wet. I leaned forward again, and we just sat there masturbating for eachother forever. After a whie she lifted her shirt up over her breasts so I could see them. With this I began furiously pumping my cock...which she seemed to love. She was definately nearing orgasm, and in a moment of passion I reached down under the table and yanked the whole thing right up against the couch and myself, bridging the gap between us. This startled her quite a bit for a second, but now my rock hard cock was being pumped just inches from her hot little slit. She went crazy at this point and started whimpering and moaning and thrusting her pussy up towards my pumping fist. Suddenly I could feel her fingers moving with lightning speed across her clit, because the hand I had wrapped around my cock was against her hand.

This 'touching without touching' was too much for either of us, and Lacy started cumming HARD. The hand she had been rubbing her nipples with went straight up into her hair and she clutched it firlmy while she started bucking her pussy up against me. I stopped pumping my cock for those precious few seconds so she could sufficiently grind her slit against my knuckles as she threw her head back in the last moans of orgasm.

As she finally started to relax and catch her breath, she looked toward my cock as if wondering why I had stopped..so i started again.

It only took moments, since she had continued to lazily play with her pussy while I pumped my self off, angling myself over her thigh and shooting a huge load across the top of the coffee table.

We chatted for a bit while we cleaned up and went to sleep happy.



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