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Hook Up in a Bathroom Stall

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I'm a huge bookworm, and the beautiful girl I met at a book signing was the same.


I was sixteen, and an enthusiastic English teacher roped me into attending a signing for an author I'd never heard of (later she became one of my favourites, so thanks, Mr Carlisle!). I agreed because I felt a little bad for him. The others going were just trying to cut classes. I read some of one of her books on the way, and liked it.

The speech the writer made was in a stuffy school hall full of strangers, and my anxiety was already yelling "no". The only thing keeping me going was the girl sitting in front of me. She was so beautiful. She was obviously of Indian descent. Her skin was perfect and clear, her eyes alert and as beetle black as her hair which tumbled glossily to her shoulders. Her chest was fitting to her overall self; round and perky. She was slender and elegant, but there was something behind her eyes, a hidden naughtiness.

As soon as the talk was done, and the signing began, I bribed a Year 7 to get my book signed for me, and ran to the toilets for a breather.

She was in there. She was washing her hands and looked up at me in the mirror when I walked in.

"Hi." She said.
"Ha- hello..." I said awkwardly.
She smiled at me as she applied Chapstick.
"So would you care to explain why you've been staring at my rack for two hours?"

I felt myself flush red. I was mortified.
"I- Er- I can -"
She laughed and winked at me.

"I don't mind, babe. Do you want a better look?"
She beckoned me into a stall. I'd suddenly forgotten how to walk. My legs were like lead as I looked at her beautiful eyes and her irresistible smirk.

She shut the door behind me, put her hand on the back of my neck, and pulled me into her. She kissed me hard, her breath sweet on my tongue. She ran her tongue over my lips and I felt myself getting very, very wet. She groped me gently over my shirt. She ran her thumb over my nipples and they hardened like diamonds.

I put out my hand and blindly searched for her breasts. They were incredibly soft, the kind of boobs you can't not touch. I wanted to rip her blouse off. She got there first, pulling my top roughly over my head.

I have fairly small breasts and sometimes go braless depending on my outfit choice. This was one of those occasions. She knelt suddenly down and put my nipple in her mouth. She ran her tongue over my areola as my knees buckled. Her teeth suddenly bit down and I yelled out, but I liked it a lot. She sucked suddenly as I slid down the door. (The bathrooms were weirdly clean and oddly large, thankfully.)

As I sat on the floor, she lifted up my skirt. I could tell she liked being rough. She yanked down my panties and stuck two fingers inside me without hesitation. Normally when I masturbate I'm pretty quiet, but I couldn't stop myself. I moaned out loud as she laughed quietly, leaning down to tongue my clit. Her long hair brushed my thighs, turning me on hard. I pushed her head into my pussy.

"Oh yeah," she breathed into me.

I moaned. I moaned again. She was circling my clit directly while her fingers moved in and out. I reached up and pulled my nipples, and convulsed involuntarily. Suddenly I hit a wall of pleasure and shock waves pulsates through me. I couldn't believe it, I never came this quickly, but I felt myself get wetter and wetter as I yelled out.

I kissed her forehead as she sat back up.

"My turn." I insisted.
"Oh, I don't -"

I pushed her over roughly, going with what I knew she liked. She was wearing a short white dress. I pulled the zipper down as I nibbled her ear lobe. She wore a soft lace matching white bra and panties, the bottom half of which were soaked with her arousal. I French kissed her hard while pulling her hair.

She moaned quietly as I kissed her neck and rubbed her nipples over her bra. Oh, her tits were incredible. Her cleavage was popping and her boobs were large and round. I couldn't resist. Her bra was a front-fasten, which I find really hot. I pulled it off with my teeth and began to suck her breasts. I moved my hands gently down, fingers dancing over her soft stomach and smattering of silky pubes.

I rubbed a flat palm over her lips.
"More. More." She demanded.
"Beg me." I ordered. I was loving this just as much as she was.
"Please make me come. Rub my clit. Please, please put your fingers inside me and tickle my clit until I orgasm. Make me come hard, baby."

I dipped a fingertip inside her dripping hole.

"What are you?" I breathed.
"I'm a dirty slut." She said. "I'm a horny dirty bitch."

She stroked my head and pulled my hair gently as I kissed her stomach. I decided to give her what she wanted. I pinched her clit hard and she virtually screamed. I slipped a finger inside her and bent it upwards, as she started to twitch uncontrollably.

"Come for me, baby." I whispered.

She did. She convulsed powerfully and her hot little clit throbbed under my fingers.

She smirked at me again.
She leaned over me gently and laid on top of me, kissing me as we both lay naked. She turned herself around so that she was face first in my pussy and my nose was buried in hers.

I had seen this in porn but couldn't imagine how good it actually felt. He more she licked and kissed me, the more I wanted to do it to her, tongued urged by the spasming of her on top of me and my own body, until we both came, trembling.

She sat up as we finished, sexily putting her clothes back on. How is the opposite of a strip tease still so hot? I gave her boobs a final squeeze before redressing.

She kissed me goodbye, put on a fresh layer of Chapstick, and I never saw her again.



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