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Home from School

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a sisters love
I have been reading stories on solo touch for about 2 years now and I finally decided to tell my story. I went to a private school when I was 17 I only got to come home for the holidays and summer so I missed my family. I have a sister who is 4 years younger than me and we have always been close. I used to babysit her when mom and dad went out to dinner. Well, I had been home for about 5 days into the summer vacation when mom and dad decided they wanted some alone time so they went to the beach for the weekend. I was in charge of my sister and it was ok. Since I got back I really noticed my sister had started to fill out she had very firm looking breasts and her small tight ass looked very nice. The first night she got up and went to take a shower, so it was a good oppurtunity for me to masturbate since I had not gotten off for about 5 days. I heard the water turn on and I quickly pulled off my pants. My dick was semi hard thinking about jacking off and I quickly got a hard on as I stroked my 8 inch cock. I was really enjoying the feeling of my dick in my hand and I almost did not hear the bathroom door open and my sister walk out I jumped under a blanket on the couch but I could not put on my pants so I put them under the cushon. To my delight, my sister walked in just wearing her night shirt she layed down in front of me so that if I looked hard enough I could see her tight ass. We watched tv for about 20 minutes, and as we did she kept moving and her shirt moved up I noticed she was not wearing any panties and I kept getting a view of her pussy. She did not have hair on her slit so I figured it had not grown in yet. Now I was so horny I slowly stroked my cock as I looked at my sister in a whole different way. I wanted to cum badly, but I could not think of way to clean it up without her noticing then out of the blue she got up and walked right over to me and grabed the blanket to get under it with me since it was a little bit chilly. As she did she got a full view of my hard cock she gasped and asked what I was doing I told her nothing she smiled and said it looked like I was masturbating I said nothing she then asked if I was masturbating while looking at her naked I told her yes. She then took off her night shirt and asked if I liked looking at her naked. I said yes, and we both now were naked and I noticed for the first time she was wet. I asked if she liked seeing my dick she said she had hoped she was able to see it. ( it was then I relized she had this planned) She sat right beside me and asked me to keep going. I kept jacking off as she slowly inserted a finger in her tiny pussy. I was so turned on by this I told her I was going to cum soon she said she wanted to see it and then she moved so close I could feel her heat. I felt my cum boil and I knew I was about to cum so I pointed my cock at her so that I would cum on her and I felt the climax hit my hard-on. I shot about 5 ropes of cum all over her tight body hitting her on the face, the chest, stomach and her perfect pussy. She gasped again this time in pleasure as she started to cum too. We sat ther for about 5 min looking at each other's naked bodies covered in cum. Then I took a hold of her hand and we took a shower together I cleaned off the cum and washed her body then I took her into my room and we ended up naked in bed for the rest of the night and weekend. Needless to say, ever since then we have been very very close. I'm really looking foward to when mom and dad go away again.



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