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Hiking Fun

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This story happened/started when I was only 13 (just turned then).
At this time, I had just started masturbating. I had only done it alone, and never had sex or anything.
My cousin, Jessica, (female) came over to visit my family. Jessica was 15 and to my knowledge, hadn't had sex or any type of it. Jessica and I went and told her parents and my parents that we were going walking in the woods (which we did often at that time).
We went about 1/3 of a mile into the woods, away from my house and all neighbors. We decided to rest near a flat area. We talked for a few minutes, and I said I had to take a piss and I would be right back.
Note, in this area, there isn't any bushes or anything so I walk up a small hill and open my pants, etc, and start doing my business. I look over and I seen Jessica, watching me. All I could think was 'she must have followed me...' and I was extremely embarrassed. She said clearly: 'Is there something wrong, Thomas?'
I finished up and looked at her in the eyes. I said, 'Well, I didn't exactly expect you... to be, you know... watching.' She replied, 'I didn't think you would mind, since we are so close anyway.'
It was true, we were always close, even since childhood. I sometimes thought of her as a sister. Anyway, on with the story.
'Yea... well, you want to head back to the house?' She said 'hmm... First can we do something?' I was interested in the statement, and I looked at her nice figure. We were actually distant cousins, but it still felt odd to admire her body.
'Like... what?' I said, still looking her over. She looked at my crotch, and said, 'Since we are here... can I, you know... touch you?' I resisted to an extent, at first. She licked her lips slowly and I was just shivering with excitement after that.
I said, 'Will you take off your shirt and bra, at least?' She nodded and said 'Sure.'
She slowly removed her shirt and laid it on the ground. She pretended she couldn't reach her bra, and asked 'Will you undo it for me?' I was now getting even harder, it almost hurt. I slowly unhooked it... and she turned around. Her breasts were nice. Very nice. They were round and shaped nicely, her nipples were already hard.
I agreed with my part of the deal. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and pulled them down to my ankles. I pulled down my boxers and unveiled by dick. At the time, it was only around 4.5 inches. I was fully hard at this point and I watched her grow with excitement.
I laid down and motioned for her to come on. She came over to where I was lying and put her hand on my dick and observed the girth and overall size for a moment.
She slowly, but surely, started stroking it. With every stroke I moaned a bit more... soon enough, I felt that warmness moving up through my dick. She kept going, and I shot the cum all over her hand and a tad on the edge of her mouth.
She, to my surprise, licked the cum from her face and commented, 'Wow, that tastes great!' She licked as much from her hand as she could.
I sat up as she sat back, her breasts bouncing slightly. I asked her if she wanted to try all of the cum in her mouth. She nodded and was excited. I told her we should wait awhile, until I could get hard again and build up another load and she said it was getting dark and we should head back.
We trotted back to the house and we told our parents we had a good time in the woods hiking, etc. This was my first experience with a female, and it was absolutely amazing and the orgasm was intense. She left, and the next time they visited, well, that is a different story for another time!



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