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Fun at the Shore

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This is the story of how a weekend at the shore with a friend, a girl, who seemed innocent but who wasn't so innocent after all.


It all started when Sam invited me to stay at her beach house with her family for the weekend. I said sure and off we went. We arrived at a beautiful beach house that was right next to the ocean, and the beach was a private one so not many people were there. Her parents suggested that we all go swimming so we changed into our bathing suits and headed for the water. We spent a good six hours there, just splashing around, riding the waves and sitting on the beach. The water, weather, and view were absolutely perfect. At that point, her parents decided to pack it in and headed back to the house to prepare dinner. Sam and I decided to stay by the beach, and her parents reluctantly said ok and went back.

We walked around the beach, just talking, and eventually we got far away from the other family on the beach. Sam stopped to look at the ocean, and after a minute, asked if I wanted to go skinny-dipping. I'm pretty sure I blushed when I said no, but she kept saying it'd be fun so I finally gave in. We've never seen each other naked, nor have we really talked about sex. I guess it's kind of weird considering everyone thought we were a couple when we were just friends. However, the real reason why I didn't want to go skinny-dipping was because I'm not exactly well-endowed. When I was 15, my girlfriend of four months wanted to have sex with me and I said ok, but when I took off my clothes she said never mind and dumped me that same minute. Because of that, I've always had self-esteem issues and I never wanted myself to be seen naked. Thankfully, Sam was my friend at that time to help comfort me, but I never told her the real reason why I was dumped.

I slowly took off my swimming suit and she did too. Soon we were standing before each other, completely naked, but she didn't say anything. Just a quick glance and then she ran into the ocean to enjoy the waves against her body. I followed her in and man, it did feel great to be naked in the ocean. After a few minutes she got out of the ocean and started drying herself off. I didn't want to be left alone in the ocean so I did the same. All I could think about was just drying off quickly, putting on my suit and then going back to the beach house but she interrupted my thoughts by asking me a question.

'So... I was wondering... do you, um, you know... masturbate?' The question came out of no where, and completely surprised me. Lies began to race in my head as she looked at me with intense curiosity, but then I remembered that she was my friend, and we always tried to be as truthful as possible to each other. '...yes' Her face lit up and then she asked if I could masturbate for her while no one was around. Again, this question completely surprised me because I never even thought of her as a girl who knew anything about sex. She seemed so innocent and happy go-lucky. I said no, but then she asked if that's what I really wanted. I said yes but then she pointed down. Yeah, you guessed it... I had an erection. I guess it was inevitable... beautiful, naked girl in front of me, asking me to masturbate for her while I'm completely naked. I didn't even notice all of that though, because I was too caught up in my embarrassment.

I covered up my erection with my swimming trunks and said 'yes, I'm sure' but she kept begging me to show her how I masturbate so I said fine. I sat down on the sand because I don't like masturbating while standing, and because I didn't want to be seen. I began stroking my penis up and down while she sat down next to me to get a better view. Or so I thought. 'Wow, that's so cool, I've never seen someone masturbate before, let alone a penis! Can I try?' At that point, I was more horny than embarrassed and I quickly said yes. She gripped my penis with her left hand and moved her fist up and down real slow. I've never had someone else touch my penis before so you can imagine that it felt like heaven to me.

I was about to close my eyes until I felt her right hand on my right hand, and she moved my hand to her left breast. I've never felt breasts before and jeez, they felt AWESOME! That's all it took for me to feel the onset of a huge orgasm so I told her to masturbate me really fast. Her pace quickened to the same exact pace I use when I'm about to cum and then I felt the feeling explode. From head to toe I was feeling pure pleasure, the best orgasm I've ever had. The best part is that it felt like it kept going on and on. I finally came down from the high and opened my eyes. Sheesh, there was cum everywhere! On my legs, all over the sand, on my pubes, on her arm, on her body, on her hands, everywhere! She giggled and let go of my penis. 'You can let go too, you know,' and then I realized I was still gripping her left breast. I let go and laid back on the sand, bathing in the afterglow. I was totally spent. She jumped into the ocean to clean off my semen and then walked back to our spot.

'So that's how boys masturbate? That was really fun. It was so cool to see your sperm shoot out like that, I didn't know it was so crazy!' I was too spent to reply so she started speaking again. 'How big is your penis?' I was dreading that question but since she didn't make any degrading comments the whole time, I'm guessing she didn't really care. 'It's five inches hard and three inches soft' 'Oh wow, that's so big! I kinda thought you were like six and a half inches long or something, you felt so big in my hand!' My self-esteem immediately shot up a few million points and I felt really happy. 'Thanks, maybe you want to show me how you masturbate?' 'I will later, I think we should go back now though. My parents must be pretty annoyed so lets not make them wait any longer' I sat up but told her to wait a minute. I usually urinate after I masturbate but I was so spent I couldn't stand so I just urinated on the sand while sitting down. Sam giggled and asked me why I did that. I told her it was a habit and it helped 'keep the pipes clean' and she giggled again. She helped me to my feet and then we headed back to her beach house, where she showed me how she masturbated later that day. That's another story though...



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