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High School Biology Project

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This was my first mutual masturbation experience. I was 16 at the time. Im a tall, pretty well built guy. Our Biology teacher had assigned a partner project that would be worth a quarter of our semester grade. My friend, Zack, looked at me signalling he wanted to be partners. I agreed as he is a pretty good student and I knew we would get a good grade.

We decided we would meet up at his house that weekend and start on the project to get it out of the way. That weekend I drove to his house. As I pulled in I saw his mom on her way out. She greeted me and told me to let myself in and that Zack was in his room. I walked in and noticed that we had the house to ourselves. I walked towards Zack's room. His door was closed so I knocked, but I received no answer. I slowly opened his door and took a look inside.

I saw my friend Zack naked on his bed jacking off with his headphones in while he watched porn. That's why he never heard me knock. I stood there frozen not knowing what to do while he masturbated not even noticing my presence. He suddenly saw me out of the corner of his eye, shut the laptop and pulled the sheets over him.

'Oh shit, bro!' was all he could say.

I told him it was alright, and that we all do it. 'Yeah I guess your right,' he said. I could see the tent his hard cock made through the sheets.

'Dude, this isn't going to go away,' he said as he looked at the tent the sheets made, 'do you wanna join?' he asked.

I was hesitant at first but I agreed.

Zack was kind of scrawny, with a caramel complexion being that he was half latino. As he pulled the sheets away I saw he had really nice abs. his pubes were neatly trimmed. His dick was about 6.5 inches and it was uncut like mine.

He opened the laptop back up and raised the volume. He began wanking again. I pulled my pants down and began rubbing my dick through my boxers. I looked over and Zack had a thick glob of precum oozing out of his head.

I pulled my 7 inch uncut cock out and began masturbating. Zack looked over and said, 'Damn dude that's huge' and laughed. We continued jacking off, and I closed my eyes out of habit. I suddenly felt a warm hand take hold of my cock. It twitched in pleasure. I moaned and I started to precum alot. I looked over at zack and all he said was, 'Just helping you out bro!'

He played with my foreskin and the precum that was dribbling out. I thought I should return the favor. I grabbed his cock and it twitched. I saw the pleasure in his face. I slid his foreskin over his head, and slid it back down. I rubbed his cock head slowly with my index finger. With my other hand I cupped his balls and this sent him over the edge.

I'm going to cum! He managed to choke out. With that he spurted 4 ropes of thick cum all over his abs and my hand. He tried to catch his breath and then used his cum to lube my dick up. He furiously slid my foreskin up and down and played with my nipples.

'FASTER!' I demanded.

At this point he was straddling over me, wanking me. His cock had become hard again and nearly touched mine. I saw his low hanging balls right in front of me.

I felt my body begin to shake and I shot six ropes of thick cum all over me and him. It was the strongest orgasm I had ever had. We laid down next to each other trying to catch our breaths.

'Need me to take care of that?' I said jokingly at pointing at his hard dick.

As you might have noticed, not much got done that day for our project. But that just meant we had a reason to meet up the next weekend.

This stopped around a month later when we both got girlfriends. But just writing about this makes me so horny again.



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