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Her Detention Fun

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I work in a local school as the IT systems manager and one afternoon I was working away in my office when one of the teachers came in to the class room next to my office. My office door is the barn door type and usually during the day the top half is open, as I had work to do I closed it but the bottom half had swung open a bit as the catch is broken.

I heard the teacher talking and a girl answering; by the sounds of it she had detention. Then I heard the teacher give her an assignment saying he'd be back in 45 minutes or so. From where I was sat behind my computer desk and through the gap in the bottom half of the door I saw her sit at a desk right in my view but she couldn't see me. I briefly recognised the girl from year 10 and she was an absolute stunner. I heard her opening her books and thought no more of it going back to my work.

A few minutes later I heard her pen fall on the floor and she muttered a 'shit'. She got up and, as she bent down, I got a brief glimpse of her panties before she sat back down. Minutes later I glanced up again and noticed she was sat a more of an angle towards me, now I could see her slim thighs, slightly parted, and her panties showing as her short skirt was at the very top of her thighs. As she worked away her thighs fell apart even more giving me a view of the whitest pair of pants I have ever seen. Not even daring to breathe I felt my cock begin to stiffen as I took in the sight; she definatley didn't know I was there.

Her thighs parted some more and now I could clearly make out the shape of her puss bulging in her panties, the thick knicker elastic at each leg and then she sat upright, sort of arched her back and began to roll her hips forward and press herself into her seat. I felt my cock twitch and ooze pre cum as I watched her firm thighs flexing and those lush panties puckering and stretching across her pussy. What I would have given to have my face buried between those thighs amd kissing the cotton panties!

It then dawned on me she was actually getting off grinding herself onto the chair and I wondered if I would get to see her actually cum. Moments later the grinding stopped and next she began to open and close her thighs, as wide as she could under the desk. Each time they spread I was treated to watching her panties pull tight and now I could just make out the shape of her lips as the material stretched.

I quietly slipped a hand to my trousers and began to squeeze my boner, I was so turned on by this girl. Then she stopped with her thighs spread far apart and she had her feet raised on her toes which lifted her thighs off the seat giving me an even better view of her crotch. I gently squeezed my nob as I stared at the v of her bright white panties and then I watched her slide a hand under the table between her legs and finger herself over her knickers. Moments later I saw her hand retrieve a fat marker from her pencil case and she began to run it up and down her slit and push it into her hole taking some of her panty crotch with it. Finally she slowly fucked herelf with it through her knickers, rocking her hips and I noticed she was holding the far edge of the desk with her other hand.

Watching her doing this was blowing my mind: a fourteen year old school girl getting off with a marker pen in class. Her poking the marker into her hole was now much more deliberate and I sensed she must be cumming. A few times her thighs banged the legs of her desk and finally she bucked and jerked rolling her hips forward each time with quite a thrust. I exploded in my trousers and felt the hot sperm soak me as I was lost in my own horny pleasure. When I opened my eyes I saw her tugging her wet crotch from out of her puss and letting her panties lie flat again between her thigh. Then she closed her legs but had one hand still down there making small movements. I guess she was still having a little rub but a little less obvious in case the teacher came back in. I was still hard and squeezed away again as I watched her hand busy between her legs and as I spurted a second time I dreamed of rubbing those sweet knickers over my nob as I spurted.

Probably the best day in my job so far!



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