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Helping A Pregnant Friend

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Last year a friend of mine who was pregnant at the time came to stay with my husband and I for a few days. She told us her boyfriend that she lived with was going to be gone for a few days and she didn't like the idea of being by herself at that point because she was almost eight months along. The first couple of days went by as always, although she didn't quite seem the same, but I just figured it was because of her pregnancy. The third night however, I found out that there was more going on than I realized. I woke up around 10:30 needing a drink, so I tiptoed out of the bedroom and closed the door behind me so I wouldn't wake him up and went down to the kitchen to get some water. When I got down there I saw her sitting in the dark at the table and I heard her sniffing. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing, but I turned the light on and sat down with her and asked again. She broke down and told me the details, about how her boyfriend wasn't just gone for a few days. He told her that he couldn't deal with being a parent and just up and left one day, and that she needed a place to stay until she told her parents what happened and to ask about moving back home. She told me how scared and alone she was, and she wasn't sure what she was going to do. I wasn't really sure what I should say, but I told her that we would be there for her for whatever she needed and that she could stay with us for as long as she liked. She then said, not only was all that going on, but her hormones were going crazy and she was horny all the time, but she couldn't even masturbate anymore because it was so uncomfortable to reach between her legs because of her huge belly. I thought about it for a couple seconds and put my hand on hers and told her I think I could help out with that part. She asked what I meant and I just told her to head back to her room and I would be there in a minute.

She went back up the stairs and I got my drink of water before I followed. I snuck back into my room and grabbed my vibrator and then went to the spare bedroom where she was sitting on the edge of the bed. I closed the door behind me and told her to lay back on the bed. She laid back with her knees up and I sat by her and told her just to relax and to try and stay quiet. I pulled off her sweatpants and then her underwear, leaving her bottomless and spread wide open in front of me. I laid down between her legs and turned on my vibe, then gently touched it to her clit. She took a sharp breath and then whispered how good it felt. I ran the tip of it up and down her lips and I could tell she really needed some relief because she was damp in no time. I slid it in about an inch and wiggled it around, then moved back to her stiff clit, then back again. It only took a couple minutes before her legs started shaking and she held her breath and came, both of her holes contracting and releasing, almost begging for another. I kept at it, the second time sliding my vibrator in a little further, rubbing her clit with my fingers. She was in heaven, her breaths short and hard, almost whimpering at times. After her second orgasm I asked if she was satisfied and she just grunted out a no. All I could do was smile as I started masturbating her a third time. That one didn't take much longer, and she came with her feet on my shoulders, clenching her toes as her orgasm rippled through her. When that one had passed she rolled over onto her side, knees clamped shut trying to catch her breath. I got up and knelt by her, brushing her hair away from her face. She sat up and hugged me, thanking me over and over and telling me I had no idea how much she needed it. I told her that I could do it for her when she needed it, and then she asked me if I was going to. I asked if she wanted me to masturbate in front of her and she just smiled and nodded. I said sure and slipped out of my jammies, and she pulled off her t-shirt leaving us both naked. She scooted up so she could sit up against the headboard and I sat back down at her feet with my knees spread wide. I didn't bother with the vibrator, just rubbing my dripping wet vagina with my fingers to two fantastic orgasms. When I was done all we could do was sit there and giggle, not believing what we just did. I looked at the clock and it was almost 1am, so I told her I had to get back to bed before he realized I was gone. Before I got dressed she stood up and hugged me again, thanking for me for everything I had done for her, and I told her she could always could on me for whatever she needed. It did feel a little funny with both of us still being naked and having that big, bare belly against my little bare belly, but I got used to it after while. I put my pajamas back on and she just pulled the sheets over her naked body, and when I laid back down I fell asleep almost immediately from being exhausted.

That was the first night this all happened and it happened many times after that. Give or take I probably helped her masturbate every other day, usually at night but a couple times on the couch when he wasn't home. Most times I masturbated as well. She stayed with us for almost three weeks until she finally had the courage to tell her mother what happened, and she wanted her back home as soon as possible. It has been almost a year since all of this happened and life has gotten much better for her, being with a new guy who loved the idea of taking care of a new baby. Not only that, but we have also gotten together a few times since then and masturbated together, not just because of how close we are, but also because we realized how much fun it is to masturbate with another woman.



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