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Heart to Heart

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A long talk with Kate about our sexual needs, and our relationship. It turns out that we both need cock from time to time, so it seems the worst part is over. We had to set some ground rules though. For example, condoms are a must for both of us. While I love being spunked in, thereís no sense in taking stupid chances. Hepatitis and aids still exist, after all.  We talked about the holidays, and Kate told me she was fucked once, (by her brother!) I canít object since Iíve done exactly the same thing. 


Isnít it funny how talking dispassionately about sex soon makes you Randy as fuck? It certainly does to me! Late was telling me about how she and her brother literally fell onto a bed while he was tickling her, and it mutated into a kissing session which in turn mutated into him fucking her. 

Kate has the most gorgeously perfect snatch or ďquimĒ as she likes to call it. Itís perfect in appearance and taste. I canít blame anyone for wanting to get inside her. 

Anyway, I was sitting there listening to her lurid description and getting horny. Then, she simpl said ďGo ahead. I want to watch you.Ē I sat in an armchair opposite her and took my panties down and spread my legs. Itís really period being watched. I felt her eyes burning into me everywhere, but mainly my cunt. As I rubbed my clit in small circles, she began to bite her own knuckle, a sure sign with her that she is randy too. Two fingers disappeared up inside me and I raised a leg over the arm of the chair to expose myself fully to her as I finger fucked myself. 

At that point, I was desperate for another personís touch....a finger....a cock....a tongue....I wouldnít have mattered. I was hovering near the edge when she said ďcum for me, Becky. Cum only for me.Ē I yelled out her name and let myself cum long and hard, a squirt following each contraction. 

Then, Kate returned the favour. My, you can learn so much from watching another person kasturbate, canít you? Kate didnít take long to cum and I saw every contraction. She didnít squirt though. :( 

I love the smell of sex.....especially two girl sex. The room was full of that delicate vagina scent. I took Kate in my arms and we lay on the bed together. At first I thought we would make love, but instead, we just kissed each other into sleeps gentle embrace. 



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