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Healing With a Named Healer

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As promised, a more positive story about my sexual discovery!


The name Jason means 'healer'. Well, that's true for my friend, Jason.
I'm not sure what came over me the summer after my sophomore year in college. I really got into thinking about more mature things like dating. I don't know how I became so immature in such normal things, but I did. I think I just sheltered myself from a lot of things. Anyway, Fall semester started and I met this girl named Andrea. She liked to talk to boys on the Internet. Well, one night, she took a picture of me and her together and sent it to a few guys. The next day she told me that this one guy wanted to talk to me. I was a little shocked, because being the size I am and everything and just not really knowing much about anything. However, I agreed to talk with him. I was rather intrigued by the idea of a guy wanting to talk to me. Also, knowing more or less what the subject was going to be I knew not to expect the deep intellectual conversations.
So, Friday the 13th, this guy and I started talking. Well, Andrea helped us start talking because in all reality I'm shy and this guy is shy, too. Of course, with her in the 'room', he talked about sex and boobies and stuff like that. However, when she left us to ourselves to talk, we started to carry on a real conversation. We talked about our likes and dislikes, music, hobbies, being bored... those things just to get to know each other. Though I was the one asking the questions, he complied quite nicely to how I wanted to start this relationship. I found out his name was Jason. I also found out that he's into BBW (and for those of you who don't know what that means, it means Big Beautiful Women). I don't really have anything I'm into, really. However, he is the first person I ever told outright that I masturbated. He said, 'That's cool. It's completely healthy and natural.' That made me feel better, coming from someone who had already gained my trust enough to where I could tell him that I masturbated (I've never told anyone before him that I did, so obviously, there was something different about this guy). I also found out that he is still a virgin. That really piqued my interest. He acted like he was 23 or so. Turns out, he's a couple of years younger than me. But that didn't bother me because he's just so mature and does talk about more intellectual things (intellectual stimulation is such a turn on for me!)
Anyway, continuing on, by the time I finally found out his age (after two weeks of me hounding him!), he convinced me to buy a digi/webcam so that he could see me. So, one lucky Friday, I got the webcam in the mail and plugged it in. I was going to wait to tell Jason, but I couldn't. So, I told him and he told me what I needed to do to get it working to where he could see me. He finally got to see me and he kept telling me how beautiful I was. That made me feel really special. And knowing him for over two weeks and knowing that he likes my personality (and I love his! He has such a good grasp on socio-political issues!) it made it ever more special. Well, then he started turning horny. I started blushing and knowing that he was horny, I started getting wet. Then, he asked me to flash him. I was like, 'No! I'm not going to do that!' But, somehow, with his charm and his adoration of me, he managed to get me to flash my tits at him. Then he asked for an ass shot. Turns out, the reason why he likes BBW is because he likes big asses. So, after a little bit, I agreed to that. It really was fun having this sort of sex play. After we said our good nights, I went to my bed and masturbated, thinking about the good time I had that night.
Unfortunately, things didn't turn out so well the next morning. He hardly said anything to me, and this guy had started conversations mostly for the whole two weeks we had been talking. So, I felt bad and started to regret what I had done the night before. I had marching band to go to and then I went over to my friend's house, just feeling completely awful at what I had done.
The next day, Jason apologized for not talking to me much Saturday morning before my game. He had a stomach bug and wasn't feeling good. Still feeling dejected, I didn't offer another webcam viewing until Thursday. Throughout the week, he made sure I was ok with what happened the Friday before and he even asked if I thought he was using me. I told him how I felt the morning after but I didn't feel now that he was using me. Actually, we still had our nice intellectual conversations and everything. I knew then that I had made the right decision that Friday because he actually did care about me and respect me and that's all I really needed. So, Thursday, I treated him to a webcam viewing and he treated me to more praise and more fun than I ever had before.
He still told me that he thought I was beautiful and he told me about some of his fantasies. I didn't really have any at the time, so I couldn't share with him. Then he started telling me what he'd like to do with me. I was just getting turned on by the fact that he was getting turned on by me! (sorta like my old masturbation fantasies). I told him how wet he was making me and he just laughed, you know in that, 'I'm good' sort of way. It was actually rather sexy. Knowing that he cared about how I felt about things and how attractive he found me, I fulfilled every visual fantasy he had. Knowing that he was stroking his quite large, hard dick in the process of just looking at me clothed just made me melt inside. Bringing back the idea of someone watching me pose scantily clad in sexual positions, I found it hard to keep my hormones down. However, after I fulfilled his biggest fantasy, he was done. I remember him typing to me, '*falls over dead*'. And all I did was just bend over and spread my ass cheeks! I thought to myself, 'Boy, he's a weird kid.' We talked for a little while afterwards, kinda like talking after sex. It was nice for me. So, we said our good nights, and I dreamily masturbated to the ideas of what had happened. That's also when I started to envision him having sex with me while masturbating. I felt really good. I undressed completely (though that wasn't too much of a difficult thing because I had started to sleep topless), played with my tits, squeezing them more in a manly way, thinking that it was Jason squeezing them. I felt myself up for a while and then stuck a finger into my soaking wet vagina. I had never been THIS wet before. I started rubbing the base of my clit and soon had the most glorious orgasm. And for the first time in my life, I actually truly liked it. I had no shame about what I was doing. (I told Jason once that I used to think that masturbation was a chore and not really fun). Within three weeks of meeting Jason, he was already healing the holes in my immature mind. He was giving me sexual healing. From that point on, I knew that, with the right person, I would love having sex at any and all times in any way possible.
The relationship between Jason and I didn't stop there.... I have more stories to come about my sexual discovery.



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