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A Deceased Nun I Knew Appears To Me

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A deceased dominant nun from my past re-appears to me as a ghost, causing a stir to my sexuality

I was just sitting here in my room, on the computer. I gradually started to feel a strange feeling in the room. It is difficult to describe. Like another live force with energy is in the room. I don't quite know what it is, but it seems to have captivated my brain. Almost as if forcing me to recall a time in my youth. it felt strange, as if my mind was being guided to look back on this period of time. When I was graduating 8th grade, and moving on to high school. And the 8th grade teacher was the big, dominant nun with red wavy / curly hair. She alternated wearing all black and all white habits, based on the time of the year. She was bigger than me. She behaved very dominantly towards all of her young students. You could feel she was in control.

It was the 8th grade family prom. I was sitting at the table with others from my class, while there were silly dances going on, on the dance floor. And this was the late 70's. I certainly did not want to go up there and be part of the silliness. Neither did anyone else at my table.

But the nuns were encouraging. After all, they were the ones throwing us this farewell party. Unexpectedly, out of the blue, my 8th grade teacher had grabbed my arm, pulling me up out of my chair and onto the dance floor to join this chain of folks holding hands in a circle.

I cannot recall what kind of a dance it was, or how it moved. What stayed with me was the spontaneous surprise grab from this dominant nun. it made me feel submissive, as my sexuality was just beginning. For a long time afterwards, this moment in memory would stay with me, seeming to have a lasting effect and affect on me sexually.

And as I relived this memory in my mind and my mind came to this realization, I began trembling, as if something powerful and magical were happening in the room. And then, I had the vision. I saw the ghost of that nun standing across the room. She had passed away about 5 years ago, after having retired (and moved out of the convent). I felt awkward, because she was looking at me with a mild grin on her face. I began to feel guilt from not having returned to the school / convent and even visited her once. One time I saw in in a supermarket, and walked the other way to avoid her.

Now here she was, standing before me. Not wearing a habit, and looking like she did close to the time she passed. Her hair still red, but very much thinned out. You could see her scalp. She was wearing a tan blazer and skirt, and an olive blouse underneath. Her skin looked good for her age.

She didn't speak. I was afraid to say anything and didn't know what to say. But I felt something strange happening to my body, I got up and went over to my jockstrap drawer, and with my back to her ghost, I stripped off my pajamas and boxers, and put on a jockstrap. I put on one of my beige ones, knowing it would match her blazer and skirt. If she were able to see, she would have seen my naked ass while I was changing clothing. It made me wonder if she would want to look, whether as a ghost or back when she was human and living.

I put a very pair of loose fitting shorts over my jockstrap. When I turned around, I saw her looking at me, still with that slight smile. I just wanted to feel submissive to her in my body. I took out my handcuffs. I was careful to orient them so I could free myself if I had to.

I cuffed my hands behind my back. Giving her the dominance. I wanted to tell her I am aroused by her dominance, but it was something I just could not say to her. But the way she was looking at me, I wasn't sure if she already knew that. If her having died and gone to heaven gave her this power to see my real sexual feelings.

As the shorts were loose on me, they slide down my legs as I approached her. Just as I wanted it to. So I would present myself to her handcuffed and in a jockstrap.

I wanted her to touch me. I was hoping she would, because it felt like she was there. But I was confused. It had to be her ghost, because she is dead. Her ghost had come for me, I thought. To me, this was powerful. It felt like such a gigantic force. A nun was coming for me in the name of sex.

But she wasn't looking for me to take her virginity.

She knew my genitals needed draining.

I could feel it. I could feel something against the bulge in my jockstrap, and I was becoming so aroused. Her ghostly image stared at me, maintaining that smile. I didn't see her hand touching my bulge, but it felt as though a hand was touching it. As if she had some mystical power. A helpless horniness was emerging from my body, and I didn't know what it was. I wondered if she was going to masturbate me. or at least remove my jockstrap. It felt as though her hands were all over me. yet, I couldn't see them. My body just as though she had a hold on all of it.

The combination of everything I was feeling was wearing me down, and I was feeling more and more dizzy. it was scary, because I didn't know what was happening to me. I felt like I wanted sex so badly, or at least to ejaculate. And yet, something was coming over me, seemingly taking me away from it. I uncuffed my hands while I felt I still could, and collapsed down in a chair. I lost consciousness, and when I eventually regained it, I didn't know what had happened. I found I was wearing the jockstrap, but it had been pulled down, exposing my genitals. Apparently I had an orgasm, as there was a considerable quantity of semen that had been on my belly, and had begin sliding off down the side of me. I had been masturbated until I ejaculated.

The question was, did I do it myself, or was it my 8th grade teacher, who returned to me as a ghost......



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