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Having An Unabashed Erection In Front Of Everyone!

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This is absolutely true. Not about a client, but about me.


I've been seen with an erection, and sometimes even ejaculating by an assortment of strangers. For instance, at the Masturbate-A-Thon, in front of 120 other wanking men and women. In a way that doesn't count, because exhibitionism is even better when it is a surprise. The whole Masturbate-A-Thon was a wonderful experience, but perhaps the very best part was when I went for a refreshment break. In order to get to the table with all the goodies, I had to walk through about a dozen clothed visitors (voyeurs?) clogging the hallway. Some were news media people, some were vendors, newly arriving people, friends of the promoters, etc. As I passed by, I had to sort of push through the crowd because they were not particularly paying attention to the various nude people coming through that hallway. my still-erect penis waving in front of me. At one point, my penis brushed strongly against a clothed woman's hip. Just as if we were all clothed, I said "excuse me.' and she said back to me, "Excuse, me." There was something about that split-second in my life that I really enjoyed and think about from time to time.

I went several times to a men's tantric massage gathering in the California Bay Area. We'd group in threes and trade off, each man getting a 20-minute, 4-hands massage. Most of the men were erect during their entire massages. The massages were mostly handjobs, but we didn't usually ejaculate. It was unspoken bad form to actually cum during the massage. We'd go home happily charged up.

I've been to nude beaches many times, and would have been both horrified and delighted to get erect in those settings, but it didn't happen. At those beaches, it would have been frowned upon, or so I believed at the time.

At one beach, an abandoned rock quarry actually, there were people of all sexes and ages around. To my surprise, wanking in that crowd was fine. The minute I drove in, I came around a corner, and there was a guy sitting in a lawn chair, under a shade tree, reading a tablet, and wanking his erect cock in front of anyone driving in and out. As I parked, I saw a van covered with cardboard signs. A fellow had said on his signs to come by, to visit his van, for any sort of handjob, blowjob, or whatever you might like. I came over. We talked a bit, then we played with each others dicks. He was kind of jaded, so it took me a while to get him hard. He got me hard much more quickly. I liked the idea that various people, men and women, were walking by and saw me getting stroked and enjoying myself. He told me that his van and signs were quite effective. Sometimes he invited people into the van, and they did all sorts of things. Yes, women came over for attention also. Still, due to having so many experiences on nude beaches where being erect might not be appropriate, as I walked around and swam in the quarry later, I was kind of shy, afraid to have an erection around people, so I did stay soft. I probably couldn't have erected if I wanted to. In fact I did want to, but didn't:)

I'd like to have been seen by my younger sister with an erection as an adult. She saw me as an erect adolescent many times, because, she, the boy and girl across the street, and I used to get together and play in our 'sex club.' All we did was stroke each others genitals with paint brushes, but we certainly had a lot of fun doing it, and did it day after day, sometimes for hours on end.

I've never been seen by my parents, except perhaps when I was too young to remember, but that doesn't count for anything. I remember a couple conversations with my mom when I was a teenager in which she seemed really horny. I didn't realize it at the time. I'm sure if I had offered to show her my 'stuff' she would have responded positively. Who knows where that could have gone?

A fantasy I have yet to experience is to attend a circle jerk or similar event, of which I have attended several, but this time discover a coworker, friend, associate, or distant family member at the same event. We'd be like, "You too?!" Wouldn't that be great?

But what about you? Who has seen you erect? What were the circumstances? Please tell us about the times you've been erect in front of people in the comment section below. If you're a woman, we'd be honored to hear your naked-in front-of-people stories, also, of course.



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