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Have You Been Circumcised?(3)

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Sandy was still coming down from her climax and I was sitting beside her. She asked me to rub her breasts softly. I did this very willingly. As I was doing this to her I noticed my penis starting to come to life again. Sandy noticed as well. She reached over and started playing with my balls and that's all it took. I was standing tall again. As I ran my fingers over her breasts I wanted to try something I had jacked off thinking about before. So I asked Sandy, 'Would you let me rub your breasts with my penis?' She said it would be fine so I positioned myself beside her. She had to roll over just a little so I could reach her. I watched as her mounds slowly rolled over. I pulled my foreskin back and took my penis and started running it around her breast. It felt really good to me. I think it felt good to her because she kind of pushed her breast to my penis. I did this for several minutes. Then I placed the end of my penis on her nipple and started pulling my foreskin back and forth. As my foreskin pushed against her breast it covered her whole nipple. As I pushed it forward my hand would touch her breast and she would push forward a little. I switched to the other breast and did the same thing. I asked Sandy if she liked what I was doing and she said she did. Sandy couldn't see for sure what I was doing so she asked if I was masturbating on her breast. I told her that I was just pulling my foreskin back and forth but not going at it for real. It was feeling really good though. Then she asked me if she could watch me so I sat back down where she could see. She sat up and leaned over so her face was only about five inches from my penis. As she did this her breasts fell away from her chest and hung there swinging just a litle. That was a sight I loved to see.

Sandy told me to go ahead. I didn't need much to get me started. As I pulled my foreskin back and forth slowly Sandy watched with interest. Then she told me to stop. I asked why and she said she wanted to ask me some questions about it. So I pulled my foreskin over my glans and stopped. I told her to ask away. First she asked if I would pull my foreskin back. She wanted to see how I looked circumcised. I did it and she looked at my penis very closely. She asked how much skin circumcised guys had and I told her I didn't know because I had never seen another guy when he was hard. How much do they have when they are soft she asked. I told her that I had never seen a guy that had any more than to bunch up a little by his glans and then that was only if he was small enough. They don't ever have enough to go over their glans? she asked. I told her I had never seen anyone that had enough. She then asked, 'Then how do they masturbate?' I can see how you do it with your foreskin but if they don't have a foreskin how do they do it. I told her, Maybe they don't. She didn't buy that she said she had read that almost all boys masturbated so they must be able to do it. I took my fingers and held my foreskin back tight and started moving my other hand up and down my penis and said, 'I guess they do it like this.' Sandy said that that didn't look as easy as I do it with my foreskin. I told her to try so she reached out and started sliding her hand up and down my penis. She did this a few times and then told me to let my foreskin go. I let it go and she pulled it back and forth a few times. I like this better. I told her I did too. How different does it feel. I told her I got a lot of feeling from my foreskin going back and forth over my glans and it really felt good to have it pulled tight back. There was just a little extra feeling as it went back tight.

Sandy asked me how many of the kids in school had been circumcised. I told her I had only seen two that hadn't been. Who are they she asked. I told her I didn't feel good about telling her that. Why? Because that is kind of a personal thing for a guy and I didn't want to let her know. Then she said, 'Well I bet Maggie's brother isn't one of them is he.' You have a fairly good guess at that don't you. She said, Well? I will tell you only because Maggie and you started this whole thing. But you can't tell anyone else. She said she would tell Maggie but no one else. I said not even Maggie. She said OK so I told her that Jim had been circumcised. 'How much skin does he have when he is soft?' she asked. I told her I had never seen his skin touch his glans so he didn't have much. Show me on yours what he looks like so I moved mine to about where Jim's was. All she said was WOW. Then she said, 'Do you think he would come over some day and show me so I can compare the two of you?' Not a chance I said. I'm not going to ask him. He will think I'm either crazy or gay or something. I tell you what. I will try to get Maggie to come over if you will try to get Jim to come. Now that perked my interest because Maggie was really cute. I would do almost anything to see her without her clothes on. You get Maggie and I will try to get Jim I said.

Sandy told me to finish. I started to pull my foreskin back and forth again. Sandy watched with real interest. As I got close I told her I was going to come and she said go ahead. I started pumping faster and soon I was shooting come all over. This was my second time this afternoon. That is more than I usually come but I did have a little more to get me excited. I slowly pulled my foreskin back and forth until I had drained myself and I got too sensitive to continue.

Sandy said, 'That was fantastic, I love to watch you do that.' I said 'That was fantastic I love how that feels when I do that.' Then Sandy said I'm going to have to tell Maggie about what we did or I don't know how to ask her to come. I thought about it for a minute and said I would have to tell Jim as well. But no one, no one else. She agreed. We got dressed and she went to her room. I had sweet dreams that night about what we had done and the chance that I might have to see Maggie nude. I got off one more time that evening and again in the shower in the morning thinking about it.



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