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Hands On

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In my first marriage, when things were going okay, my wife and I, being virgins when we married, were enjoying discovering what new techniques worked for us. We did a lot of masturbating each other when we were dating, and it became our favorite form of foreplay.

One evening after we came home from a party, my wife wanted to put away some dishes. She was still wearing the skirt and blouse she wore to the party. She was heavy, but had great legs and tits, and used these often to excite me.

As she was standing on a footstool to reach the top shelf, she stretched and her skirt rode up. Seeing the backs of her legs, I felt my cock spring up, and an idea came to me from a porn novel I had read. In the story, the backs of the heroine's legs were stroked as she was standing on a ladder. This excited her.

I reached out and ran my hand along the back of my wife's leg, feeling the soft nylon of her pantyhose.

I felt her stop, and heard her gasp. I looked up, and her eyes were closed.

'Does that feel good?' She nodded. She said, 'Later, honey. I have to put these dishes away.'

Before she could put the dishes onto the shelf, I stroked her leg again. She gasped again, and I stroked the other leg as well, this time running my hand up her thigh. She put the dishes on a shelf, and said, 'Baby, that's so good, but I need to finish this. I love you, and want to give you a blow job later, but please let me finish.' I did notice that she made no attempt to get off the stepstool.

I ran both hands up her legs, along her inner thighs, and this time she leaned against the cabinet and moaned.

'Honey, I'm going to fall if you keep that up. Let me get off the stool and I'll fuck you all you want. You've got me excited.'

I said, 'Let me see.' I ran my hand up her leg, to the crotch of her pantyhose. She moaned louder as I grasped the crotch.

'You don't feel too wet. Let me see if I can fix that.'

'No, don't jill me off here, darling!' But I had already started rubbing her crotch, feeling the wetness seep through the cotton panel.

'Oh, shit. You're aren't going to stop until I come, are you?' she moaned as I continued my stroking.

This went on for about five minutes, with my feeling her pussy starting to soak the cotton, and using the other hand to stroke her legs. Her breathing became ragged, and then she closed her eyes tightly, and her face turned beet red, a sign to me that she was going to come.

'AAAAAGH!' she screamed as she came. I kept stroking her cunt and she came again.

When she recovered, she stepped down, put her arms around my neck, kissed me long and deep, rubbing my hard cock as she did so. She then led me by the hand to our bedroom.

I later used the same method on other lovers and most of them found it exciting and different.



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