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Friend's Wife

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My wife and I have a couple who are good friends of ours. The other woman and I have a huge attraction to each other. This attraction has led to us stealing kisses together when we are left briefly alone. One time when they were over her husband and my wife went to the grocery store to buy some things to grill out. While they were gone his wife and I made out like crazy and felt each other everywhere through our clothes. I was so hard! She squeezed and rubbed my dick like crazy as we made out. We stopped for fear they would return from the store and catch us.

Two weekends ago, she spent the night at our house because her husband was away on business for the weekend. We partied with friends on Friday night. On weekends my wife sleeps until about 9:30, especially after a night of partying. I told our friend, I will call her Amy, that I get up early and fix coffee, probably around 7 AM, and if she wanted she could get up early also and come downstairs ... because I would be down there all alone!

The next morning I went down around 7 and started the coffee. About 15 minutes later, Amy came down. My wife was still fast asleep upstairs. We stood in the kitchen and made out. She was wearing a long sleeping T-Shirt, and her underpants. I had on loose fitting lounging pants with the big wide open fly, and no underwear, and a T-Shirt. I went rock hard in seconds and my dick grew up and out through the fly. She wrapped her hand around it as we kissed, and I slid my hand down her panties and slipped my fingers all in and around her wet pussy. It was so HOT!

We walked over to the couch and I sat down with her beside me and pulled my lounge pants down to my knees. She acted like she worshipped my dick. She told me how badly she wanted it inside her and other things like that.

I told her I had jacked off a thousand times fantasizing about her and her body. Although I had just felt her pussy, I hadn't seen it. I asked her to sit sideways and let me look at her pussy. She spun around and pulled her panties off and spread her legs. I love pussy hair and hers is beautiful. It isn't long and wild, but perfectly trimmed. Her lips parted and she was glistening with moisture between her pink lips. As I looked at her I started stroking my dick. I told her since I had done this so many times thinking about her, I was going to jack off and cum with her watching me. As I jacked myself I told her how badly I wanted to fuck her and she was telling me how badly she wanted to fuck me.

I came in huge spurts of cum splattering all over my stomach. She said she LOVED watching me do that. I cleaned up and we straightened ourselves up, then went back into the kitchen and resumed kissing, with me pulling her T-Shirt up high enough to suck her nipples. We did this for about an hour and a half before hearing my wife's footsteps upstairs and the toilet flushing upstairs.

We took seats in separate chairs with our coffee mugs in hand and were chatting when my wife came down.

This was the hottest encounter and one I hope to have again with Amy. She is willing whenever we can find the time alone. I can't wait!



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