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Guys Know How To Jerk It

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This site is great. I enjoy reading the male-male and male-female stories. I don't know what it is, but something about jacking off and guys bodies has always turned me on, even though I'm attracted to women. Maybe I'm bi-curious.


This happened a few weeks ago. I am 6'1', with light brown hair and brown eyes. I have some muscle mass, but am pretty lanky. I love to jog and have been on the track team. My dick is 6.5 inches long.

My best friend Adam is about 6'2', with wavey dirty blond hair and blue eyes, and size 13 feet. He's my age, and is super athletic, as he is on the track team with me, and plays basketball. He is completely jacked, as he is always working out, and has an incredible chest and a well defined six pack. We've seen each other naked many times before in the communal showers after track, and I've always been attracted to his body. He is incredibly well hung, and his dick is about four inches flaccid, and seven inches hard. Both of us are uncut.

One day after track, I invited Adam over to my place to hang out and sleep over. Adam of course was up for it, and we hit the showers, right after track. I have always considered myself straight, but there's no question I'm curious, and I've always had a fantasy to have an experience with another guy. I had always felt attracted to Adam, and today in the showers I couldn't believe how hot he was. When he took off his shirt I looked over at him and was awed as usual by his incredible chest and abs. He then stripped down to his boxers, as I did the same, and I loved the way his package looked through his boxers. He saw me staring at him and laughed, 'admiring my body again?

I just laughed and said, ' oh completely, it's awesome.' We were very close friends, and often made comments like this. He smiled, and walked into the shower, stripping his boxers off as he walked, and grabbing a towel. I did the same and we showered right next to one another. We started talking about girls, and how we were sick of the stereotypical high school girls. Both Adam and I had recently been broken up with by some girls who decided that they wanted boyfriends who would have sex with them instantaneously, as we both preferred to wait until our feelings were more developed. 

As we talked more about some girls that we really did like, and specifically what we liked about them, my dick began to grow, as I couldn't stop thinking about what I wanted to do with this one girl, Nelly. I told Adam the specifics about how I wanted to finger her and rub her clit and all he could say was 'Man that's soo hot!' I looked down and I could see his dick growing too. I then asked him if he still masturbates, as we hadn't really talked about it since we were 16. 

'Of course I do man, it feels way too good to just stop doing that. Why do you ask? Do you still do it?'

'Dude, of course I do too. I find that it's soo hot when I cum, and it feels soo good.' I replied.

He then asked me something that I was kind of surprised by, 'When you get 'there,' where do you let all the cum go?' I was so turned on by his question, that I knew I was getting a full boner. 

'I just let it spray all over my abs and chest,' I said. 'What about you? 

'Same man. I love the feeling of my hot cum as it hits my chest. It just feels so good!' I noticed that his cock had grown to it's full seven inches, as the hot water from our two showers had caused steam to rise off his chest. 'This is a weird question John...' he said apprehensively, 'have you ever tasted your own cum?' 

I couldn't believe his question, as I became ever the more horny. 'Dude. Yes I have a couple of times... It tastes kinda' funny. How 'bout you?' I mustered. 


'You look pretty hard there Adam, when was the last time you jacked off?' 

He laughed, 'Yeah. It's actually been a few days man. You're pretty hard over there yourself.' he said jokingly.

'Hell yes I am bro, I haven't jacked in a week.' I couldn't believe what I was about to ask, 'Adam, have you ever jacked off with another guy before? Because I think I need to jerk off right now.'

He seemed a little surprised, but recovered quickly, 'I've never done it before, but I've always wanted to; I've always been curious about it.'

'Really? Me too. You wanna' do it right now?' I managed, nervously.

'Absolutely dude!'

I was so relived that I instantly began to grab my boner with my right hand and massage it's incredible hardness. I had always enjoyed my nipples as well, and so with my left hand, I began to grab, pull and twist at my nipples. Adam just looked over and grinned, 'Dude, let me do that for you!' and with that he stepped over under my shower head and removed my hand from my dick, replacing it with his own left hand. He then began to explore my body, and rub my chest, as I closed my eyes. He cupped my balls, and pushed down on my dick, as he began to pinch my nipples. I was in absolute euphoria, and nearly forgot that we were standing in the communal school showers, which anyone could walk in to. I loved the way his hands felt on my body, as the hot steaming water flowed over both of us. I opened my eyes, just to see his face moving down my torso, as he began to lick my upper chest, and as I closed my eyes again, I threw my head back, as he began to suck on my left nipple, and bite it lightly. It was then that he took hold of my cock once again with a firm grasp, and began lightly stroking its shaft, from base to head. 

I opened my eyes, and suggested that we get out of the shower and move to the locker room. He agreed, and we towelled each other off, exploring each others body. I stopped right before a bench in the locker room, and grabbed his package, squeezing it firmly. He moaned, and I began to lick his chest, and made my way to his right nipple, sucking it and biting it, while my left hand tugged at his left nipple. I looked up, only to see him with his eyes closed, moaning softly, and biting his lip, as my right hand began to slowly tug at his massive boner. 'Ooooh John,' he whimpered. 

Suddenly, he threw me down on the bench and straddled my thighs, as he began to pump furiously at my dick. He was so horny... So was I. I initially tried to keep hold of his dick, but succumbed to the incredibly pleasurable feelings that were flowing through my penis as Adam rubbed and twisted his left hand around my wood, while his right hand tickled my balls and inner thighs. He then leaned over me so that his face was over my chest, and began to suck on my nipples once again. My hands were all over his chest, as I let out loud gasps and moans, while trying to catch my breath. I then began to reach around and my hands moved down his back to his ass, which I grabbed firmly. Our dicks were touching now, as he pressed his body into mine. The precum flowing freely from both of our cocks had oiled our abs and we rubbed our chests together, as we ground our dicks together. The sweat that was pouring off of Adam and I was unbelievable, as we both reached down to grab our two cocks with our right hand, simultaneously, our hands met, wrapping around both of of our cocks, as our fingers interlocked. Meanwhile, our left hands grabbed hold of the others balls, and grasped them firmly. Adam lifted his head, away from my chest so that our faces were now directly above one another. He was on top of me, pushing down on me, as I pushed myself into him. We stared into each others eyes, moaning with awe at the pleasures that we felt, as our hands moved furiously with our precum as their lube... pushing us towards orgasm. 

'Fuck. Dude I'm gonna' cum' I said to Adam.

'Me too. Man..... Sooo good' he shouted, as he bit his lip and his facial expression changed to one of absolute ecstasy' I knew he was close as I could feel his heartbeat begin to accelerate on my chest, and his body tense up. I felt his legs wrap around me, as his cock began to pulse, and his hand became tighter around our dicks. 

'Uhh' he grunted, as cum erupted from his cock hitting both his and my chest first. The rhythmic feeling of his cock, and Adam's cum face sent me over the edge, as I felt my ass cheeks tighten, and my toes curl, as I began to grunt when my cock began to spew its load. Our cocks erupted in simultaneous rhythm, as our warm cum struck our chests once again, and then our faces in the next few spurts, hitting our mouths, and then our hair. As our cocks pulsed less and less, we slowly returned to reality. We immediately realized how overpowering the scent of our sweat mixed with our boy juices was, and savoured that, as the cum cooled on our faces, and chests. 

'That was the best feeling I've ever had,' Adam grinned. I reached down to grab his boxers to clean up our sticky mess. As we rolled off of each other, it felt as if we were stuck together from all of our cum. I wiped Adam's chest and face with his boxers, and he did the same to me. 'That was absolutely amazing bro,' was all I could say, still gushing with my post-orgasmic bliss. 'Guess we'd better hit the showers again, to get that cum out of our hair' 

'Oh yeah,' he said, laughing. 'We still on for the sleepover tonight?' he asked, his face flushed with red from his orgasm. 

'Definitely,' I said as Adam threw his cum stained boxers on the locker room floor.

Just as we jumped in the shower, we heard the guy's basketball team walk into the cum scented locker room. 'I wonder if any of them have ever jacked off with each other,' I thought to myself.

We heard one of them say, 'Well, someone has been having fun in here. It reeks of guy juices,' as they passed by the bench where Adam and I had had our first experience with another guy. 

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