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Another Massage Swap

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I finally had another guy from the massage exchange club email me about a swap. The first one was last year. 'Rick' came over one afternoon last month, and again because he was my guest I had him climb onto my table first. After washing up, I came back into my massage room, and I could tell from the pile of his clothes on the rack that he'd stripped off completely, but Rick did have the sheet up over his back, unlike 'Chuck' did last year. I worked on Rick as usual, pretty much without incident. After I'd turned him over and was working on his chest, I swore I could see his penis moving under the sheet.. not entirely hard, but moving, growing semi hard. This happens occassionally to regular paying clients, so I paid it no attention. I finished him up and left to wash my hands.
Next it was my turn, and since he was curious about some of the tools I have around my massage room, and I'm really pretty casual about being naked myself, I stripped off and climbed under the sheet while he was still in the room. He turned his head modestly while I was butt ass naked before I had time to climb onto the table and position the sheet. He was dressed, though after a few minutes asked if I would mind if he worked in his underpants as the room gets quite warm. Of course I didn't mind, and he continued to work on me more or less the same as I'd worked on him.. until he moved the sheet aside to work on my left leg and buttcheek, and I could tell that the sheet was just a smidgeon moved aside so much that I could feel a draft on my balls, but made no mention of it. However, the feeling of the draft on my partially exposed scrotum had aroused me, and my cock had begun to partially harden. The same thing happened when he worked on my other leg and buttcheek, and I began to wonder if maybe he was testing me to see how far I might go, which I was hoping to myself by now, as my scrotum being even partially exposed the second time was even more arousing, and I began to drool a small bit from my cock!
He had me turn over, and again he massaged my upper front like I had done his, all the time chatting about this and that. Then he pulled back the sheet on my front left leg, and I distinctly felt my left nut exposed! Not a lot, but enough that my dick began a partial rise again. His hands worked my upper leg and just barely, cautiously, grazed my left scrotum. Now I was really hoping he was take it all the way! By the time he got to my right leg, my penis was holding the sheet up quite a bit, not straight up, but I knew that he'd noticed. And again he exposed more than was normal. Rick started on my lower leg, moving up to the thigh, and again slightly grazing my scrotum and this time even brushing against my cockhead! I was breathing deeply now, more so from lust than anything else.. when finally my silent wishes were answered and I felt his large friendly hands move completely under the sheet to work just as non chalantly as you like on my growing erection and nutsack! I responded by opening my legs wider and my eyes to watch. He had a look of relieved delight on his face, as he took the sheet off completely and leaned into the table enough that I could his own erection through his briefs against my hand. I suggested he take them off, which he did, and I gently explored his genitals as his one hand stroked my cock and the other wandered around my nuts, my inner thighs, under my butt cheeks and the area between my balls and anus. He'd expertly scoop up my dick drool with one finger and use it as massage lube on the head of my dick. Finally, holding his hard cock in my hand and preparing it for his turn, I succumbed to his manual stimulation and erupted cum all over his hands and my belly for what felt like 10 minutes!
When we'd changed places and I had his erection well in hand, I found that he liked his cockhead concentrated on, so I did. As I'd remained nude, he continued to explore my dick, which got hard again, while I worked on him. Like Rick had done to me, I let one hand wander around each testicle, his thighs, his nipples, his asshole, while the other hand was unrelenting on his dickhead, gently twisting it like it was a doorknob, using his dick drool as lube. I'd been holding his scrotum away from his body, delaying his orgasm, when he began grunting and twisting and I knew he was ready to blast off. And blast off he did! His first squirt blasted up into the air in front of me, landing with a splash on my hand and his navel. Several more eruptions of his semen shot of his cock like a fountain, until he was gasping for breath and both of us were quite wet with his jizim!
He thanked me afterwards, and left promising to call me again soon. I hope he does, Rick was a lot of fun!



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