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Growing up with cousin

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I thought that I would finally post my story since I've been reading stories here and on Solo Touch for a long time now. This story is about my cousin and I and our early experiences together. Keep in mind that neither of us are gay and we just starting experimenting like most adolescents. Sorry if it's a bit long.

The first time that I remember doing something with my cousin was when we were about four. Our grandma would invite us to her house sometimes in the summer during the week, and during these times we would always take a nap in her big bed. During these times my cousin and I would take turns putting our mouths on each others penises for fun. We did not know anything at the time about sex or other things; we just thought it was an interesting game and it felt good.

This went on a few times but never really developed into anything more serious. Then a couple years later I remember sleeping at his house one night and we shared his bed because it could comfortably fit two people. We started talking about when we were younger and one of us brought up what we used to do together. So we thought that it would be cool to try again.

At this time we must have been ten or eleven because I remember I discovered that using a back massager on my penis felt really good at the time but I never actually ejaculated at that point.

So we decided to take turns putting our mouths on each others penises like old times. We knew at this point that what we were doing was pleasurable but had no idea this thing had a name for it. We started off going for short amount of time, a few seconds or whatnot, but then progressed to a minute or two. One time in particular I remember when he did it to me I felt this really amazing feeling like I got from the back massager, but then it shortly went away.

This was an isolated instance because we lived on other sides of town so it was hard to see each other sometimes. However a few years later we started hanging out again after family gatherings.

When we would hang out at my house I think we both remembered what we had done, but we were both too shy to bring it up. So finally I said something about it and we started talking saying we would like to try it again. Unlike most stories that I have read we seemed to skip masturbating for each other and mutual masturbation for some reason.

On a side note I developed early and hit puberty about 11 and could ejaculate about 12 when this happened. One of us would lie on the bed while the other began to suck on his dick. By now we had heard about sex and giving blow jobs but didn't think it was homosexual or anything, we just were exploring what felt well.

My cousin at the time could not ejaculate so I went first on him and began sucking his tiny cock. It felt really weird in my mouth; it was hard but at the same time felt so soft and smooth.
I continued sucking on his dick for a few minutes and was kind of getting a hang of it when he started moving is hips and his breathing got heavier. I knew he was getting close so I sped up. Then he started shaking a little and I knew he was having an orgasm.

After he calmed down for a minute or two he was ready to do me. He was really curious about what cum looked like and wanted to see me ejaculate. I told him that he could see if he sucked me off first. So he started to feel my cock with his hands and began licking it to see what it tasted like. He started to put it in his mouth and began sucking slowly on it. OH the feeling was amazing, so much better than when I masturbated myself.

He started moving his head faster and faster, the feelings of pleasure were so great I could barely stand it. I began to reach that point of no return so I told him and he took his mouth away to see me shoot cum. I furiously stroked with my hand and started shooting thick ropes of cum all over my body and chest. This was the best feeling I can remember having.

When I was done my cousin began feeling it with his finger and smelled it, he said it felt really weird. We were so horny that night from trying a new experience and we wanted to go again. I had heard about 69 from the internet and thought it would be cool to try. So we got into position and started sucking each other off, it felt so good to have him blow my dick and have his dick in my mouth.

I remember I was the first to cum. I started feeling that familiar feeling that I was reaching my peak and I told my cousin but he just kept sucking my dick. I guess he wanted to know what it tasted like. So he kept sucking and god this feeling was amazing. I started bucking my hips and trying to hold off.

Finally I came with such force that I started fucking his face, damn it felt so much better coming in his mouth than him pulling off. It took me a little while to recoup from my orgasm, and when I did I began sucking on his dick again. He finally came, but was unable to ejaculate yet, but he still said it was an amazing feeling.

After that we just went to bed, exhausted from the night's "adventures". There would be more fun to come in the future and we would progress to bigger and better things eventually. I will write again soon about those experiences.

For now I hope you enjoyed my story. More is soon to come.



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