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1975 - Summer of Womanhood - The Story Behind The Story

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In my recent story, 1975 - Summer of Womanhood, I based it upon some real incidents in my wife's past. While not nearly as wild as the events in my story, nonetheless I thought you might enjoy reading about the real story that inspired the work of fiction.

To begin with, it was the late 70's, 78 or 79. As in the story, my wife Amy had gone to work for a couple who was building a house. The husband was working away from home, and the wife with three young boys needed some help. They had been friends with my wife when they lived in her home town, so she jumped at the chance when they offered her a summer job.

Much like the story, my wife was quite surprised her first night on the job. Her employer and friend, who I will call Mary for simplicity, emerged from the shower in the buff. She played with the kids a bit, then tucked them into their bunk in the front of the travel trailer they were all staying in.

Amy asked her friend about it, being a little shocked. Mary shrugged. "It's perfectly natural. I want the boys to grow up with a healthy attitude about their bodies. Our bodies are wonderful inventions, each unique in it's own way. I want them to appreciate them, to delight in the diversity we've all been given. "

"What about... your husband?"

"What about him? We all go skinny dipping in the back yard, so it's no big deal. As a matter of fact, it's not an exclusive thing. You are quite welcome to get comfortable as well."

"Me? Uh, you mean go... naked?"

"Sure, well at least around me and the boys. It's just us girls, and the boys are too young to have any wild thoughts yet. Frankly I'd appreciate it, I'd like for them to see that not all women look just like me."

"Well, I dunno..."

"Hey, whatever you're comfortable with. You can stay in your panties and t-shirt, go naked, whatever you want."

Unlike the characters in the story, Mary, my wife and the kids did get dressed each day, to work out side or do their activities. In the evening, Mary would strip down and give the kids a bath, then send 'em off to bed in their underwear. My now wife got accustomed to wearing her panties and a short t-shirt that stopped about mid belly.

Sometime, about two weeks or so after the conversation about nudity, Mary asked Amy to bathe the kids that night, or at least start. Like in the story, Amy didn't want to get her t-shirt wet, but was a little shy about going totally bare, even in front of kids.

So she removed her shirt, and was giving the boys a bath in just her hip hugger panties. As she was drying the kids Mary came into help, as usual wearing nothing. Since the bathroom was very tiny they all went out to the living room to dry off. Amy got the kids in the underwear, but never seemed to get around to putting on a t-shirt. Mary said nothing about it, so Amy took to wearing just her panties in the evening.

A few weeks went by, maybe three, and it turned really hot out. One afternoon, as Mary finished lunch she said "It's too hot to work, let's go play in the water!"

"Yea!" the boys shouted. Without another word they all began shucking off their clothing. My wife said it was one of those times where she forced herself not to think about it, but just went with the flow and got naked too. They all went outside and splashed around under the hose or in the kids tiny pool. Eventually she and Mary went to a small porch to dry out in the sun while the kids kept playing.

They did this a few more times, going skinny dipping in the afternoon. Amy said she also got more comfortable at night and went nude like Mary. One afternoon they had been out in the water and were lying on the porch soaking up some sun. Mary suddenly says "Amy, if you don't mind watching the kids for a bit, I think I need some... alone adult time, if you know what I mean. "

My poor wife was a bit naive and didn't catch on at first, but didn't want to appear clueless, so just agreed. It wasn't until after Mary was gone for a bit that it dawned on my wife just what Mary was saying. She was a bit shocked that her friend and mentor would admit to it, but at the same time turned on. It had been some time since her last solo session and her own pussy was getting moist at the thought of some fun.

After about an hour Mary came out and laid back down on the deck. "My, I feel much better now."

"I'll bet you do." my wife replied, trying to sound all knowing for her 18 years of age.

"You know," Mary said, "you're an adult now. If you'd like some... time to yourself you're welcome. Go on back to the bedroom and enjoy yourself." A big smile was on her face.

My wife thought about it, unsure. "I, uh..."

"Go on, go on, it's fine, don't worry about it. Just go have fun."

Since it was an order, Amy did as commanded and went inside, going to the small master bedroom and closing the door. The room was cool and dark, and smelled unmistakably of pussy. She climbed on the rumbled bed, her naked skin felt good on the cool sheets. Putting her hand out, she found an erotic letter magazine and a vibrator lying on the bed.

Once again she was shocked, she'd always thought of Mary as very upright and respectable. She realized later that respectable people often do naughty things when alone, and that it's OK, but it was a bit confusing to her at the time.

Horny though, she picked up the letter magazine and leafed through it, getting more and more turned on. She couldn't quite bring herself to use the vibrator, so instead used her fingers to bring herself to a couple of quick orgasms. She had to agree with Mary, she did feel better.

This pattern kept up for the rest of the summer. Once or twice a week they'd all go outside and play in the water, then Mary would go inside for some "alone time", after which Amy would have her turn at fun. She eventually started using the vibrator too, on the third or fourth accordance Amy was having a tough time. Her fingers got her real close to cumming but couldn't seem to quite get her over the edge. Out of desperation she grabbed the vibrator and slid it in, turning it on in the process. BAM, that did it, giving her a tremendous cum and sending her over the edge. A couple of times Mary let Amy go first, but like usual the vibrator and an erotic magazine of some kind was lying on the bed for her use.

That was as close as they ever got. They never spoke openly about it, just giving each other coy smiles and speaking in terms of "alone time".

When the summer ended, my wife said she felt much more comfortable about her body, and much more open about masturbation. Before she'd always thought of it as something "dirty" to be hidden. Mary helped her realize that it was perfectly normal, and good girls DID do 'it'. After that, my wife said any guilt feelings vanished and she was able to enjoy her body to it's fullest extent without any hang ups, thanks to Mary's example.

I guess I've befitted a lot from that summer too. When my wife and I were dating, and had progressed to the intimacy stage, she outright asked me one night how often I masturbated.

I guess I was a bit shocked, because I didn't answer, so she told me "hey it's not a big deal, I KNOW you do it, I do it too, just about every day, sometimes more if I'm really horny."

Since then we've always been very open with each other about masturbation. We encourage each other to relieve ourselves if the other is not around, or is too tired, or we just simply want to. My wife has said that there are times when she'd prefer to have a simple orgasm through masturbation rather than getting all hot and sweaty and worked up with full out fuck.

I have to admit sometimes I feel the same, there are times I think I'd rather just lay back and give myself a few strokes than have to go through all the foreplay required for sex. Fortunately we seem to have struck a nice balance between masturbation and sex.

So Mary, where ever you are, Thanks!



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