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Giving My Son's Best Friend a Massage

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I've been raising my son by myself since he was a baby. His mother and I had him when we were too young and the relationship didn't last. She eventually left the picture and it was just me and him. Ever since he was a toddler, he has been best friends with Steve. I've seen them both grow up into young adults.

Anyway, a few weeks before this story takes place, a neighbor, who was a licensed massage therapist, was throwing out an old massage table she had in her garage. I asked her if I could take it and she said yes. From then on, every time people came over, I would offer them a massage. I enjoyed it and it seemed to relax them.

On the day this story takes place, it was a Saturday afternoon and my son was at work. I was home alone, killing time around the house, when I heard the doorbell ring. It was Steve. I told him my son was at work, but he explained he came for a massage. Steve was on the football team and often pushed himself too hard. It wasn't the first time I have given him a massage, but this time he asked for a real, deep massage. Before that day, I had never given someone a massage without their clothes on, but Steve insisted he needed a real massage, so I left the room to get him a towel.

When I returned to the room, Steve was completely naked, sitting on the table. I had seen him naked before in the locker room, but for some reason, seeing him there that day, made my crotch start to stiffen. I noticed he was beginning to grow hard, but I ignored it to prevent things from becoming awkward.

I handed him the towel, but casually he laid on the table. I began to work on his back, using the oil I heated up. He moaned gently, which made me even more aroused. I felt ashamed for feeling this way, but I continued. I worked my way down his body, working his thighs and even his buttocks. His gentle moans kept my blood pumping.

Finally, I was done, but he asked if I could get the front of his thighs, because they were sore from doing squats. I nervously agreed and flipped over. His rather large cock rested on his stomach, nearly fully hard. The tiny bead of precum dripping out of the head onto his stomach told me he was as aroused as I was.

I began to massage his thighs, starting low. As I got higher, my hands brushed against his balls. He gasped very quietly, but enough to get my heart pounding. The thoughts that were rushing through my mind were not very clean thoughts, but they turned me on. As I massaged his hips, my fingers ran through his pubes. At this point, It was clear we both knew where this was leading.

I put some more oil into my hand and gently massaged his balls. I tugged on them and twisted them, listening as he moaned and sighed. Finally, I gathered my courage and gripped his cock. Very slowly, I worked my hand up his shaft. I circled his head once with my finger before slowly going back down. I went very slowly, which had him nearly screaming. He bucked his hips as I continued my slow, consistent speed. I don't know how much time went by, but it was a very long time. Long enough for the oil to cool off completely, at least. Precum was soaking through my pants, as I continued to stroke him.

Finally, his breath deepened and his back arched. Several thick ropes of cum erupted out of him, landing on his chest and my hand. I used the towel to clean him up. He laid there for several minutes, catching his breath and enjoying the moment. He had the biggest grin on his face.

Eventually, he got up and got dressed. Perfect timing too, because my son pulled into the drive just as he was zipping up. When my son came into the house, they both ran upstairs. After a few moments, I decided to hop into the shower. As I exited the bathroom, Steve entered the room, catching me off guard. I tried to cover up, but he stopped me. Without saying much, he returned the favor from earlier.

I later learned my son was also in the shower, cleaning up from after work, which gave Steve time to help me out. After that day, Steve came around for many more massages. Occasionally, he gave me the massage.



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