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Public Bathroom Masturbation

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It's funny, I've been reading stories on here for a long time now and didn't think to post this until today. I was spurred on today because I did it again at an airport, one of several times this year.

I'll explain: I like to masturbate at urinals next to older men and sometimes watch them play, or just have them watch me, or just catch glimpses of their penises.

I started this way back in 1991, when I was fourteen. At that time I would go into the bathroom of the mall, and at one department store, there was all sorts of gay graffiti on the walls. Plus one very conspicuous hole, the usage of which was obvious. The hole was too small to be a glory hole (I didn't know what that was anyway), but perfect for peeping.

This naturally got me very aroused at the time, and I would sit there for a long time (I was often at the mall by myself) and masturbate to it, imagining what I could see looking through that hole. I had never really seen other penises before, but the thought really got me going, and especially the idea of being seen.

Then it happened one day after doing this for a couple weeks (I would nervously escape when someone else came in for a while), someone came in and entered the adjoining stall, and I didn't get up to leave.

I thought that they would do their business and leave, or perhaps discover the hole, get mad and go and contact someone in authority. But that didn't happen. I was too scared to look; I just sat frozen for a while. The person in the next stall was clearly not using the toilet, and they stayed for at least two minutes. I could see the shoes of the man in the next stall clearly, but didn't commit to looking through the hole just yet. Finally, I took a careful glimpse, and saw a giant erect adult penis through the hole. When I did that, the man's foot tapped, and I knew what that meant.

I got down on my knees and looked directly through the hole and examined his penis very closely. Mind you, just looking at first. It was amazing. Large, hairy, and so very sexy. My own penis was also fair for the time, more impressive then than now because I was still growing up.

I don't know what the man was thinking, but we started talking. He wanted me to play with him and he wanted to play with me. I wouldn't do it at first, though, even though I really wanted to. He eventually got up, came out and glanced through the slats in the bathroom (this was about 8:30 pm, half an hour before the mall was to close and nobody was around, so we were undisturbed). Eventually I decided he was OK and wasn't immediately dangerous, so I said he could watch me masturbate.

He did and it was so hot; my legs and knees shook after I came and left the bathroom. I didn't let him touch me, and I left quickly so he couldn't follow me.

I returned to that bathroom many times and played with several men in the bathroom, something I don't recommend anyone do, because of the risk of disease. I soon discovered that there were two other bathrooms in this mall that were frequented and I and other men would circulate between them. I especially loved it in the stalls, on my knees with the other guy putting his penis into my hands. I would hold and stroke them with both hands, feeling the heat and the soft but erect skin. I also loved their hands on my penis, fondling and guiltily touching.

I soon moved up to the urinals, and would get a thrill from the older men (forties, fifties and sixties) looking at my teenage cock. I would adore watching them stroke their penises eagerly at the urinal next to mine, huge and standing straight forward. Part of the excitement came from discovery, going to the bathroom alone, you'd never know at first if the guy coming in was going to be like you, or was going to be someone you didn't want to piss off. Within a couple of minutes, you'd know. Then there was also discovery while you were playing. There were several times I was masturbating with another guy and would have to quickly stand up close to the urinal to hide my erection (along with my partner) because someone would come in and take a piss.

During this time I first experienced voyeurism, exhibitionism, and saw my first uncut penis (I still have a fetish for this). I also started to explore bathrooms in other places besides the mall, which led to the high point of this experience. When I was 15 I went to my state's fair, where I discovered (much to my glee) that one of the 100-year-old bathrooms still had stalls without doors.

In this bathroom, I went to the end of the row of fifteen stalls, and sat down and just started playing with myself. Eventually, while I was getting into it, I looked up and saw a farmer standing there, mouth open, watching me go to town. I finished up and came all over the place, and then got up. I think he wanted me to watch him as well in the next stall, but I was afraid and left.

Later that day I came back to the bathroom and sat in his stall though, intending to go again while imagining it, and I saw this written on the wall: '8/10/92, watched 14-year-old jerk off in stall next door. He had an 8' dick!' (Not true, by the way, I'm really only about six and a half to seven, and I was 15, not 14.)

From there, the experience started to die down. As I got older and smarter I began to (correctly) worry about STDs and the possibility of being kidnapped or raped. Plus the quality of the guys weren't very good after a while, and the mall was starting to crack down on it. So it petered out for a long time, except occasionally, when I would walk into a public bathroom and get a memory. But I would only masturbate myself, and not hang around.

Lately, though, I've been coming back to it, if only in the masturbation sense. This year I've been travelling to various places and been to many airport bathrooms. I don't know if it's luck or my boldness or what, but I've taken a moment to glance over to see what my neighbors are packing. It's never anything exotic, but for me that's the most exciting. I like watching guys in public, and I get that legs-turning-to-jello feeling again.

The last few times, I just watched the guys pee (for some reason I had a great view in each case. I don't think they were trying to show me, but were just letting it all hang out.) I even saw one forty-something African-American gentleman as he peed, his penis, the same size as all the rest but a nice brown color, sticking right out.

Today I did it again, while in the airport before coming back home. I stopped in, did my business and the guy next to me was holding his whole package, shaft and balls in his hand as he stood there not peeing. Unlike the rest of the airport events, I know he knew I was looking, and he clearly wasn't hiding it.

He was a guy in his fifties with a big beard and small penis, but still very hot. My own penis grew up as I watched him, but I was in a hurry and left before a couple of moments passed. I looked at him on the way out in the bathroom mirror, and he looked up too, and we caught eyes as I left. Very nice. I don't know if I'll do this again (there's plenty of risk), but I have some great memories.



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