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Getting Groped and Loving It

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One of the best orgasms I ever had was right after a woman groped me. This is my first submission. It's a little tame but it's one of the most exciting things I think that has ever happened to me.


I had just turned eighteen and wanted a dress for a cocktail party. So I shopped and picked out some cute ones and some elegant ones, and a black one that was like a corkscrew tube of material, if that makes any sense. Like it wrapped around like a spiral and had this see-through material in between.

I took them to the fitting rooms and the woman who checked me in was probably in her thirties? She looked about my aunt's age, I can't tell that well, but she was pretty and not wrinkly, but seemed mature? Anyway, she tells me I picked out some very pretty dresses and leads me to a room and hangs them all inside. I say something like thank you and she asks if I want help getting the dresses on. I started to refuse but she began to talk about how this black dress I picked out is apparently giving girls who try it on trouble and that she insists on helping me with at least that one.

I didn't really think it would be that hard but I figured she would know better so I said OK and she closed the door with us inside. I was kind of waiting for her to leave, like why did I have to undress in front of her but she started talking right away and before I knew what was going on she was telling me to lift my arms up so she could get my shirt off. I swear this lady was some kind of witch because she had me in my bra and panties in maybe 30 seconds flat. There was a mirror in there and she was holding the dress over my body from behind me, telling me to keep my arms at my sides or hold the dress up, and she would smooth it down over me, including over my breasts and belly.

She grazed my legs a bit trying to "size me up" she said. I suppose now this all seems really obvious but I was young and naive. Like I said, this was a very exciting moment for me. I had never been touched like this before, and I wasn't very slutty until my first year in college, so my experiences at this point might have amounted to making out and flashing some boys once.. I was definitely *very* aware of her hands on my body, and me being half naked, with her pressing into my back. I could feel her breasts on the back of my neck. They were really warm where her flesh touched mine. I remember she kept her fingers on the dress and used her thumb like a "guide" (as in, it was not on the dress, but it was on my skin as she would smooth it down.

She had me hold the dress up at the shoulders, and with one hand on my hip (pretty much my ass really), she would smooth down the front and talk about how it would drape on my leg. I think my nipples were almost immediately hard, like swollen, and possibly noticeable through my bra to her finger tips, though she was still putting up enough of a charade that I couldn't tell entirely what she was getting out of it. I remember my heart was pounding, like hammering, in my chest when I felt one of her legs slip in between mine and she pushed my foot to the left to "check the width of the hips".

I think she could sense quite well how uneasy I was and she just kept up with the whole "sizing me up" act before I even got to try it on. She had me put my arms up as she lifted the dress over my head to slip it on me. She was actually not joking about it being tight. It was tight and delicate and actually not easy to slip down over my breasts. She kept it rolled as she pulled it down, and when she got to my chest she "accidentally" got the dress caught and pulled the front of my bra down. This exposed one of my nipples entirely and the other was mostly covered still. I know I felt her hand go right over one of my nipples. It was just a second but she rubbed it good enough.

This whole moment lasted maybe a couple seconds and she laughed and said, "oops!" and immediately fixed my bra, groping me again. She pulled the dress all the way down my body, and attempted some kind of similar manoeuver with my pussy like she did my tits. The dress somehow got "caught" at my hips and in her pulling it down around my body she momentarily touched my totally-soaked nether region. I can't imagine that she didn't feel how wet I was, but she barely touched me for even a second on my pussy.

My legs quivered and she let the skirt fall around my legs. It was slit up the thigh and not super tight like the rest of the dress. She took a moment to hold me by the hips (mostly my ass), as she looked over my shoulder at my reflection in the mirror. I must say I looked pretty good in it. She had me spin around to show me how the skirt twirled a little and told me how good I looked in it. I mumbled some thank you's and then she was helping me out of it.

Taking it off she was much less daring when it came to molesting me. She took a long time putting it back on the hanger, though. Me just standing there awkwardly, trying to cover up a little just wearing my bra and panties, and her eyes wandering up and down my body. She left and said to ask if I needed any more help, and patted me lightly on the butt as she walked out, closing the door behind her. I sat down on this shelf bench and just started rubbing myself. I squeezed my tit through my bra, thinking of her just touching me, and I must have come in like 20 seconds. I was trying to be extremely quiet but I definitely recall gasping and wondering if she heard.

I sat there for a minute with my chest heaving and glistening in sweat. I saw myself in the mirror with my hand in my panties. My chest and face were flushed. I immediately felt horny again and worked myself to another orgasm in less than a minute. I don't think I've ever been so horny since. I was immediately aware of my soaked panties and the smell of my pussy in this tiny room. I took off my panties and put the rest of my clothes back on. I took the other dresses I had picked out and laid them over my arm and stuffed my panties into the bundle, hoping that it would mask it. 

I went back out into the store and I saw the lady who had just groped the fuck out of me standing behind her desk smiling. She asked about picking out the right dress and I said I did and asked if I could leave the rest with her and she said of course. I left the bundle of dresses on her desk and she began to tidy them up. I couldn't look at her, and I didn't look back to see, as I walked to the register to pay, but she must have definitely found my twisted up wet panties.

I got my new black cocktail dress, I didn't get caught, and got a pretty damn good experience out of the day. In the very few times I have been back to that store since this happened, I have never seen her there again, so she must have moved on somewhere else. It's too bad because I don't think anyone could repeat that experience for me...



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