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Getting Creative In My Backyard

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Inspired by an afternoon full of newly discovered internet porn, I was attacked by a "monster".

As my father got his new government job, we had to move cities. I really didn't mind because it was a cycle ending, I knew I wasn't going to see some of my friends now entering in high school. Also, I loved the feeling of a fresh start and my best friends which I carry until today, they all came from this high school at this particular city.

Avoiding specific details, the government sort of built a new neighborhood in a housing program back in the day and we (mom, dad and I) were one of the first ones to have a pre-built house in that area. It wasn't big but way better than a 2 room condo we had back in my old city. I was glad I finally had a place to ride my bike in the streets without worrying about traffic and also we had a backyard to call our own.


We had no neighbors, period. Only across the street a couple with his dog, very friendly. But on our block, nothing but "wasteland" waiting for someone to buy the property and receive their pre-build home in 3 months. There were some other families around, but their houses were sort of far away, so we never actually got in touch with them very often.


We moved right before the summer break so we could have that time to actually settle in. Since my parents worked all day, I was alone most of the time, unboxing things and taking care of stuff in the first few days. Occasionally, of course, I was in my room in my PC doing naughty stuff, enjoying the fact that by that time, we were privileged to have broadband internet.


Porn was never my thing back in the day, I really thought all those things were way too distant of my reality and I could never picture myself getting way too horny to either men or women in any kind of porn. That was until I discovered hentai. Boys, we have all been there, so stop judging already, I was 14! Watching anime was always a thing for me, I really enjoy until this day so having pornography that combined anime and sex was like a dream for me.


I always admired how people had almost the same trace as the original anime though. Goku and Vegeta having sex with each other, or banging their wives, always hot. But one specific story caught me and it was literally adult Gohan getting fucked by a tentacle-like monster from majin boo. That was absolutely crazy because you could see that it was very graphic seeing all those tentacles fucking Gohan and masturbating him, getting inside the tip of his cock.


That was the usual routine in my new home during the summers. Occasionally getting horny while shirtless and enjoying myself rarely, masturbation wasn't really a habit. I started jerking off to that cartoon and really, when I was about to cum, I was interrupted by the phone. It was my mom reminding me to water the backyard before it was too late. Needless to say I lost momentum. I closed everything on the PC and went to do what I was told.


Gardening is a hobby of mine, developed by that age I believe. I always enjoyed taking care of plants and felt comfortable near them. And there I went, shirtless because of the scorching heat, grabbed the hose and started watering the grass and the plants we had back there at that time. One of those that in the later years would become a big tree that we never thought it would reach that size.


Lazy like I always were, I found a branch of that tree and left the hose there, that had a revolver-like sprayer attached to it. There, with no effort, a whole area of the yard could be watered and I was just watching. Moving from a branch to another that could fit the hose, my whole job was just moving it.



In one of those branches, because of the weight of the hose or the wind, I'm not sure, the sprayer escaped from the brand and "attacked" me. It moved on its own and shot water right at me when I was turning my face to move it. Stunned a little bit, I tried to grab the hose and somehow fumbled it, it escaped through my fingers and sprayed me for good. I was definitely soaked.


Got dammit, I was kind of pissed off and removed the sprayer, leaving only the regular flow of water. Then all of the sudden, I remembered the hentai I was seeing earlier. And remembering it made me instantly hard, and then I realized that I got attacked by my own tentacle monster! How's that for a coincidence? I had to take care of that erection, and I was soaked in the scorching summer at my backyard in a new neighborhood in the middle of nowhere. Well, I knew it was time to make something different and I set myself to do so.


At first, I turned off the hose just a little bit so it would keep running some water. Then I immediately removed my shorts and got completely naked. At that age, I was already developing and had a 5.5 inches dick with a growing bush and some hair on my belly. Filled with absolute horniness, I finally let go and wet myself from head to toe, layed down on the grass and let the "monster" attack me.


I entangled the hose all around my legs, I let it through my butt cheeks leading to my torso, neck and arms. I was almost really trapped in that mess. Feeling the hose friction my private parts neat my penis was absolutely arousing and I also kept control of the water, wetting myself and my dick as I started masturbating. At that time, it was just like the hentai, feeling pleasure for something trapping me at some extent.


The thing really went to another level when I masturbated with the hose attached to my penis. That was a great feeling to have something underneath my dick while I was jerking off. I knew I was about to cum so I dropped the hose and tried to grab back onto my penis, but I also didn't want water to hit me while I was cumming. So in the end, for the first few jets, I came with no hands, just my throbbing cock pulsating cum. As soon as I could I started jerking a little more to the final spasms and went jerking past my orgasm, hoping to get more and more.


In the end, I called it a draw because the "monster" was tamed and I jerked off and really had multiple consistent flows of cum for the first time in my life. I was pretty satisfied with the mess I've made. The hose had some cum over it, so did my body so I washed myself on the grass and thought of never leaving that moment.


As those moments stay pretty alive in my head, I organized them in collective paragraphs so you guys could all enjoy. Growing up in that new house was full of first times for me and in my personal queue of stories, I may post them in the future




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