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Girlfriend's Aunt

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A hot, hot experience.


My girlfriend's aunt has flirted with me since Day One. See, I've always been charming as hell around the families of the chicks I date. So the first time I meet my girlfriends aunts (there were a bunch), I charm the hell outta them, but there's this one that's actually kinda hot. Now don't get me wrong she's no spring chick. She's well into her 50's I believe, but looks sexy. Good body, good face. I could tell she was all enamored, kind of in an innocent, happy-for-her-niece kinda way, but was still all flirty that first night.

Fast forward a few months later, the hot aunt is back in town and we're all at my house, big group of people, including my girlfriend and others, mostly her family. I sit down, and next thing I know, the aunt's sitting on my lap. I think she was just trying to kinda be funny, but someone at the gathering says 'no, she's flirting with you.' So that kinda planted the seed in my head of fantasizing about this woman.

Since then, every so often when my girlfriend and I would have sex, I'd think about her aunt. Not that often, but sometimes it was kinda fun and hot.

Ok fast forward AGAIN to me and the gf visiting this same aunt over fourth of July. We go over there for a meal and I need to go to the bathroom. I ask the aunt, where it is? She points down the hall, to the left. When I get inside the bathroom, sitting right on top of the clothes hamper is a white thong, cotton, that clearly belonged to the aunt (she lived there alone with her husband). I immediately got hard, masturbated into the thong, and left a huge load right in the crotch. Then I kinda buried it a bit inside the hamper so it wouldn't be that obvious. Her husband's this old fart that would never do such a thing, so in the back of my mind I knew the aunt would know it was me if she picked them up and inspected them, or noticed they were moved from their original location. Given our little track record, I assumed she left those there on purpose for me to see. I mean: right on top of the hamper with company coming over?

I didn't see her until months later...till last week. We were in town again for this cousin's engagement party. We stayed at the aunt's house for the night. Outside the regular flirtatious vibe I got from the aunt, nothing weird or sketchy happened at all during the visit and my girlfriend and I flew home. That night, I'm unpacking all my shit. In my bag, in a small side pocket, is the same white thong I beat off into over the summer. She'd obviously washed them since July, but she had worn them and her natural smells were all over them. A note on a scrap piece of paper she left in the same pocket had only two words: 'Remember these?'

Pretty hot, right?? I've been reading this site for a while and feel like I finally have something worthy to contribute.



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