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Getting Aroused In The "Jungle"

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A long story of another of those days that sticks to my mind. A great highlight of my teen days with some naughty first times.

My grandparents had a rural property back in the day. After they passed away, my mother and uncles took their respective shares, and every once in a while, I hear they go there to maintain the house while the fields are seasonally leased to a plantation company. It has been a long time since I last visited and this story is about one of the most exciting ones, literally.


The place was huge, I cannot emphasize that enough. It had around 2000 acres and it neared a small creek, with the crops in a safe distance because it used to flood back in the day. The living area consists of two identical houses, a common area with a pool, and other accommodations.



Despite its size, the usable area was considerably small because we still had a good part of native forest that, although authorized, my grandparents never deforested it to expand the crops. They also had to encircle them to make sure whenever they wanted to expand, they had the proper footage.



So yeah, all that introduction just for me to say that between the common area and the native woods, we had about a 5-minute walk in between crops. After that, a small "road" that we crossed and got into a fence or gated area that my grandpa made so we properly separated the woods from the rest of the place.



On a scorching summer day, my parents decided to visit the farm. My grandparents lived there at that time, and we stayed in the second house for the weekend. Since I was used to going there multiple times during my childhood, at 15, I was pretty comfortable walking around the whole property, and my parents were confident that I wouldn't put myself in danger or get lost.



During the afternoon, I was tired of being in the pool all the time. While the adults were doing whatever in the house, I decided to venture into the woods as I usually did. I was just wearing my sandals and swimming shorts, because I thought it would just be a quick stroll as always.



There was a section of tall grass blocking the first meters of the trail. After that, the woods were very, very closed. The trees shadowed the path, and one could barely see the sun. At some times, I had to crouch because the branches were narrowing the path. As I ventured deeper, I realized I never came close to the creek, and I decided to follow the almost straightforward trail to the rear end of the property.



When I reached the final fence, after a 15-minute walk, I spotted some stone benches my grandpa had put there. Probably, it was his safe haven or where he would smoke without my grandma noticing. In any case, I heard thunder in the distance, and time was running short, I believed. Before departing, I climbed one of the trees so I could see the place from above. It was an easy climb, and the tree was tall enough that I could see over the fence and have a look at the storm approaching. I enjoyed the moment and only decided to leave when it really started pouring water.



As I was climbing down and almost to the ground, one of my sandals slipped, and I lost my grip. While trying to hold on to myself, a branch got stuck in my shorts and completely tore it on the left side. And for the other readers of my stories, that's where the fun begins.



I decided to leave my sandals along with my shorts in those stone benches and retrieve them the next day. I knew there was a bathroom right after the entrance, I would grab a towel there and head back to the house as quickly as possible. And there I went, completely naked, with heavy rain pouring down. The path wasn't too difficult to keep track as the floor had a clear trail, but still, it was hard... And so was I.



Just being naked at that age was enough to have me going, and along the way back, I went through those narrow sections and had to contort myself to get through. My butt pressing against some trees and even the squishing sound of my foot stepping on the mud got me completely hard, a solid, almost 6-inch dick with a growing bush. I brushed it off, pressing it or completely ignoring the horniness, telling myself that it wasn't the time or place for that. But my dick bouncing on my stomach as I was walking made it difficult to do so.



Closing into the entrance, I saw the "finish line" with the tall grass area and the starting point just ahead. As I was walking, still semi-hard, the grass stems tickled me on my balls and inner thigh especially. It was so good that I decided to walk a little deeper into the grass, but since I was barefoot, I couldn't press the stems with my toes. I had to get my leg high up and step, from all the way up, until one of the stems gently touched the head of my penis.



That was a "Fuck it" moment. Something rushed into me and as I tried to ignore it, I simply couldn't. When I noticed, I was so erect that the tip of my cock was already pulling back my foreskin. There was absolutely no coming back from this. Immediately, I tore down some of the grass to make a place for me to sit or lie down, at lightning speed. Imagine now a 15-year-old teenager with a raging hard-on tearing apart a bunch of tall grass so that he could...



Masturbate!! And that's what I did. The soil was soaking wet as it was still raining a considerable amount. When I sat down and started stroking, I lost focus because of the water and the grass stems hitting me sometimes. That turned out to be very pleasant because it delayed me a little bit. I kept moving my right hand, focusing on the tip of my penis as always, pulling my foreskin open and close as I always did, holding it tight. When I had to slow down to enjoy the moment, I switched to my gentle stroke with my left hand. Like a pro, I had those techniques despite not masturbating that much back in the day. I kept that elite routine for a couple of minutes, as I recall.



When I knew I was about to burst, I laid down, going up and down with my hands along with my butt on the soaking terrain. I was trying to fuck my own hand as it was above my body. The splashing sounds made me go crazy moaning because I knew I was probably even a mile away from any human being. After speeding up for the last time, I couldn't hold on to my "primal instincts" and moaned a loud "AAAAAAH!" followed by copious amounts of cum. While I was cumming, I stretched myself from the ground and let the cum go way up, some above my head even. I couldn't stay in that position any longer, so I shut off my entire body and splashed myself onto the floor.



Depleted of energy, I stayed on the soaked soil for about 5 minutes, letting the rain wash some of the cum that was still sticking on my body. My dick was completely swollen and dripping cum. I wish I could sleep there and only get up the next day, but I had to end my journey. This section of the adventure lasted about an hour and a half.



I was still naked, if anyone still remembers. I had to go back to the trail quickly and hope to get into that bathroom and grab a towel and run back to the house and then, and only then, not get caught naked by the adults. And that's where I got really, really lucky in ways you readers can't even imagine. All the luck in my life I wasted during my youth, I'm telling you that.



So I found this lost bathroom. It was a sort of "service bathroom" where you get your working gear on or off, but it was fully equipped with towels and soap. Once there, I was lucky to find that my grandpa left a pair of shorts and boots there. I could tell the adults the "safe" part of the story, no more hiding. Lucky for a second time, they had a shower and running hot water, a real treat for me. On top of this, they had a sort of masonry bathtub with a shower. It was around 20 inches in height and around 6 feet in length. It wasn't supposed to be a bathtub ordinarily, but... You'll see....



I was showering, getting rid of the mud on my body and some persistent cum residuals. As I got rid of the heavy-duty dirt, I thought to myself: why not take a proper shower? The rain had already subsided, and I had around an hour of sunlight left before the adults would tell me to go inside. It suddenly hit me: if it wasn't supposed to be a bathtub, why did the drain have a rubber stopper? Out of curiosity, I closed it and went back to showering, just to see if it would hold the water and make some slight foam.



And it did! As I lost track of time, my feet were already submerged. Splashing the water back and forth made me so happy because that would be the first time I would ever enjoy a bathtub bath! So I sat down in the corner outside and waited for it to be filled to the brim. I was so damn naive that I didn't even know that when I entered back, the water would overflow.



Honestly, again a "Fuck it" moment hit me. Never in my life was I naked, submerged in any water and now I was in a "secret" place with hot water touching every part of my body. I honestly didn't care about whatever remote consequences I was willing to face. And damn, I was feeling literally cocky in my kingdom of foamy water.



What else was feeling cocky? My penis. Damn, all that good feeling and relaxation hit me. I started getting slowly horny, understandably because it had been almost an hour since my last orgasm. I never thought I could be "ready" to jerk off on the same day. It really surprised me because although I never did it before at that young age, all I could think of was masturbating. As I commenced stroking my dick, I was still calculating the time until sundown. When I got really horny after plumping up my penis for several minutes, I stopped caring.



I was fully hard; it took me long enough. Submerged in water, it was a different masturbation because I couldn't go as fast as I wanted, so it was really nice and slow, which was very different for me. Each stroke was followed by a small moan because I wanted to feel every single moment at its maximum.



When I was about to cum, I held off for a moment and stood up, my penis facing the ceiling. I decided to make some waves and play around a bit before finishing off as if I had time to waste. I also stopped for some time to remember that special afternoon and that special place that I found. In my teenage head, I needed a "ritual," so I smeared some of my precum with the head of my penis on the wall of that bathroom. Laying down again to keep on jerking off, I realized enough water left the bathtub and my dick wasn't 100% submerged. Just the drooling tip was pulsating over the water, a real periscope sight.



The water resistance wouldn't be enough now, so I put my back against the wall and started jerking hard and fast, really fast, as I enjoyed the most. The splashing sounds made me go crazy again, and the whole bathroom was already a mess with water flying everywhere from my right hand beating my dick repeatedly. As that was happening, I kept moaning several, "Ah, ah, ah's," as I was getting closer and closer to climax.


Finally cumming for the second time, it was as if fireworks were being launched from my penis. Waves and waves of pleasure hit my body, it was so powerful that I didn't want to stop. I splashed the water harder and harder trying to get that orgasm from it again. My dick then couldn't take it anymore, it softened pretty quickly. I didn't even know where the cum strings went. Most of them got lost in the water, but some were sticking in my pubes and tights and I found them dry the next day. 



I really loved the mess that I made and was pretty happy with my discovery: "When I'm super horny, I can just cum twice!" So much so that I just emptied the tub, dried myself off, got into the grandpa clothes that I mentioned before, and left. No regrets, nothing. That was by nightfall, so I could easily sneak into the second house, leave grandpa's clothes somewhere hidden, wear my own, and wait for the adults to call me to the main house.



They asked me how my day went and I said that I ventured trough the woods and no questions asked. By Sunday, it rained all day, and I couldn't go into the woods again to retrieve my torn shorts and sandals. My parents didn't even notice they were missing. As my grandpa, by that time, wasn't smoking at all and soon passed away, I presume nobody ever went back to the rear end of that property as it became a Reserve officially. Maybe my things are still there. Someday I'll go take a look.




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