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I Forgot To Water the Plants

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Last night I returned from a week's trip, and was so eager to masturbate that I forgot to water the plants. I hope they are not angry with me!


I had not seen a naked woman, or a picture of one, in several days, and I had not masturbated. On the way from the airport, I was almost breathless with anticipation. I rushed in the door and went straight to the bathroom, to pee out the coffee from my journey, and even as I was peeing, my penis felt warm and sensitive and so very ready! in my fingers.

I flipped on the computer, which takes much, much too long to boot up, and dropped my pants. I poured a glass of wine, and put out some cheese, my cock puffy as it danced with me around the room. Finally, the screen opened, and I typed in my password. Twice, three times, making mistakes in my haste to get to my own personal porn station, filled with the postings of men and women who are turned on by the same images as give me an erection so easily.

And easily it was, the first few images, of naked women, damn! The most sexy and gorgeous I'd ever seen, and my cock was half hard and in my hand. A few more, and bingo! up on the screen flashed a smiling milf, ample breasts with large, deep red nipples, a dark bush, and smooth skin, caught just removing her brassiere. My cock started dripping precum, and I had to let go of it to keep from cumming right then!

I wanted this to last. My cock felt so awesomely good, and every picture on the screen only made me more excited. Another picture, of a wholesome looking girl, masturbating. Her nipples were engorged, lips open, eyes staring wildly at nothing while her fingers plunged into her vagina. More dripping cock, again, stopping before cumming. A sip of wine, a bite of cheese, as I gazed at her blood-red nipples...

Over to Solo Touch, to look at a few stories while my cock, warm between my thighs, was gently stroked by my hand automatically, so expertly, so perfectly sensual that only masturbation can provide...

...back to pictures, and landing on a picture of a stiff, young cock with a string of cum dripping from a full, swollen cock head. OMG...I love masturbating so much! Masturbating, like I'm doing right now as I write...

...then sending off a note to my masturbation mate on line, an older woman, just a few time zones away. Hoping she will be at her computer, so that we can share our masturbatory delight, and, as we always do, our orgasms.

...another hour, and my penis skin is getting sensitive from the rubbing, and I dip it in oil. The sensation is overwhelming, and I'm only just able to keep from a full orgasm, and a bit of semen mixes with my precum.

A picture of a woman masturbating reminds me of my friend. Large, full breasts with long nipples, wide hips, long legs, and a large, curved glass dildo rubbing her G-spot. I look once again for my friend, and send her the picture that has most aroused me, the dripping cock, knowing how much she will love it.

Then, I'm overwhelmingly attracted to a certain picture. A girl, almost fully clothed, wet hair, bikini top, dishevelled from, perhaps, a plunge in a fountain, pulling up her wet skirt, with one breast half-way out, the strap of her bikini running right past her nipple, creasing her breast neatly up the middle. I know this is the one who I will spill my seed for tonight. Improbable, so innocent, hardly naked. But so often I cum at pictures that I least expect will grab me, that at another time I might not even notice. For tonight, she is the one...

...my cock is rock hard. It knows, that in a moment it will be allowed to orgasm, will be allowed, encouraged, even forced to shoot cum onto my desk, and up my belly. It knows that is coming. But I back off, leaving it in air, and only lightly rub it, drinking in the wet auburn hair of the girl, hair I can almost smell.

...a couple more stroked, and I'm at the edge again, flicking the tip of my cock, enjoying the pain/pleasure, and one last taste of precum. Her nipple is taut, cold perhaps, excited, too. I'm suddenly aware of my own nipples hard with excitement.

The girl is looking away, and with a flick of my mouse, up pops an amateur snapshot. A wife, naked in her bedroom, taking her own picture. Her eyes wide with excitement, her mouth showing...showing that she knows, knows that cum will be spilt for her, that her power to excite is undeniable. Two strokes later, and I stand up to cum, splashing on the table, the screen, the keyboard, legs shaking. OMG, such an awesome orgasm!

In the night, I woke up, as I often do after such an erotic evening, with an erection. I played with it for perhaps half an hour, and at some point drifted back to sleep, cock in hand. In the morning I woke up with an erection and with a list of all the things I hadn't done.

The plants! They were drooping. I gave them water. I ate a bowl of cereal, still naked below, my cock begging for attention again. I went over to the computer, and my screen filled with a young amateur girl, two weeks growth of pubic hair inside curvy thighs and perfect breasts, one in her hand. Looking so inviting, and so sexed. Her nipples showed. Stiff, full, pink. She was aroused, and wanted to arouse me.

She did. I masturbated to her, with her, for ten, fifteen minutes, fully oiled, rubbing balls, giving my cock and balls and butt all the attention that it craved, and this time, I shot cum into my hand, and licked it. So dirty.

My cock was still mostly erect when I put it into my underwear, and slipped on my pants to begin the day. Urges, waves of sensual craving swept through my pelvis all day, and now, back from work, it is still daylight outside, windows open, and I'm naked, cock stiff, reddish, and loving to be masturbated. The pictures I'm noticing are dirtier, a little perverted. The girls not perfect. Little sags to their tits, droopy eyes from indulgence and over-stimulation. A bit too much pubic hair, and too sexed-up to smile provocatively. My cock is dripping from writing, and now I will devote myself to it, and to these girls, until it it well past darkness.



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