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Getting a Massage

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For about 30 years I was in a job that required me to go to the State Capitol about six times a year. I usually spent three nights there before going back home. I always enjoyed relaxing while I was there and one way to do so was to get a massage. I found this nice, fairly young Hispanic woman who was registered. She was strictly on the up and up. No hand jobs or any other fooling around. She would however, give me a massage without covering me with a towel. She did only outcalls and would always come to my hotel room.

Well, after using her for over ten years she began to relax around me but still would not go for anything other than a wonderful massage. One December she was telling me about wanting to buy her young daughter a camera but she didn't have the $200 needed to get the one she wanted. After she finished the massage that night I gave her the usual tip and then handed her an extra $200 and told her to buy her daughter the camera. She was so happy and so grateful to me.

The next time I was in town I called her and scheduled a massage. That night when she got to my hotel room I stripped and she started massaging my back. All the time I was talking to her. Finally I said, 'Maria, you know that anything that would happen in this room would never go outside don't you?' She said yes. I then said, 'How about you massaging me in the nude. That way we would both be naked.' I was surprised but she agreed to it. She also said she would never do this with anyone else, but I had been so nice to her by helping her buy the camera for her daughter.

She stripped totally naked. She was a little plump but not bad. She had a lovely body. Then it was time for me to turn over. My dick got hard as it usually did. While she was massaging my stomach and chest, I could not help myself. I reached behind her and started massaging her ass. She didn't try to stop me. Then I had an idea. I said, 'Maria, why don't you get on the table and you can give me instructions on how to give a massage. I will then be able to give my wife better massages.' She agreed so we switched places. She instructed me as I started massaging her back and then her front. Occasionally I would rub my hard dick against her body. She would kind of laugh when she felt it. Finally I got to her pussy and I pulled her legs apart and she let me. She had a really thick bush. I poured some more oil on my hands and took my other hands and pulled her hairy lips apart. I started rubbing my fingers between her outer lips and her clit began to get hard. Finally I said, 'Maria, you would like to cum wouldn't you?' She said she did. With that I inserted one then two fingers inside her vagina as far as I could get them and then started massaging her clit with my other hand. It didn't take long until Maria had an orgasm. I started to stop but she said, 'Don't stop. Make me cum again.' I continued rubbing her pussy until she had had four orgasms. Her pussy and my hands were soaking wet with her pussy juice. This woman really came a lot. My dick was throbbing and leaking precum.

Finally I got back on the table and she touched my dick for the first time. She had been seeing it for ten years but this was the first time she had ever touched it. She started to pour some oil on it but I told her to take her hand and rub it through her pussy lips and lubricate me with her juice. She did and I almost came while she was smearing it on my dick. She started jacking my dick and it didn't take me long until I was spurting cum all over both of us.

I continued seeing Maria for another twenty years and the massages went pretty much like the one that night. I asked her one night if she would let me fuck her but she said no. She said she had only broken the rules and gone as far as she did because of what I had done for her daughter. She would never do that with anyone else. I thanked her for what she had done for me and thanked her for trusting me enough to masturbate with me. I assured her that no one would ever know about what happened.

The last time I saw her was about ten years ago. I knew I was leaving and moving to another state and that I would never see her again. I told her this. She cancelled all her appointments that night, got someone to stay with her daughter and Maria spent the night with me in my hotel room. The night started with one of her great massages and it got better from there. Maria went to sleep late that night as I held her in my arms, after we had fucked twice.

I hated that I was not going to see Maria again because I had come to think a lot of her. She was a great lady who had just had some bad breaks in life and made some bad decisions with men. I would never do anything to hurt her. I had her mailing address so after I relocated to my new home I bought a nice card. In that card I put five new one-hundred bills along with a note that simply said. Best of luck in the future and thanks for everything. Take this and buy something for yourself.



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