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Ran Into My Old Babysitter

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About a week ago I ran into my old babysitter, one of the first women I ever had sexual fantasies about. Lucky for me, some of them came true.

Last Friday, I was finishing up my shift at a local bakery, a 10 hour/week thing I do for some extra cash, not for the love of it. So obviously I'm not really paying attention. I'm staring at the clock waiting for closing time. I hear the bell on the door ring and groan. The people who come in so close to quitting time usually keep me there longer than I want to be. But instead I smile as I recognize someone from my past. I'll call her Anna. Anna was my old babysitter, from when I was about 8 to 11. She would have been in her early and mid twenties then, probably around thirty now. She's always been a sight to behold. She's half Korean and half Italian. She looks Asian but isn't stereotypically petite. Quite the opposite. She has a very impressive chest, I'd say D but I'm terrible at guessing that. In fact, hers was the first rack I ever took interest in. I've become something of an "ass man" as my sexual tastes have refined, and I was noticing in the shop that she had quite an ass on her as well. She has all the right curves in all the right places, which is probably why some of my earliest sexual (and before that, pseudo-sexual) fantasies were about her. The first time I ever got an erection was when I saw her in a bikini, getting out of the pool, tits jiggling. The first time I ever jerked off I was picturing her, and she's always been an important part of my masturbation. She recognized me immediately. I took her order and gathered my things and headed out to join her at one of the tables outside. We talked for a while. She eyed me up and down and smiled. "It seems like only yesterday you were a little kid. Now look at you. When did you get so handsome? I bet the girls just line up for you." I noticed that she had put her hand on my knee and was slowly moving it up my thigh. She saw me notice and stopped but kept her hand there. I saw a bit of a blush. "I can't even imagine you interested in girls." By now I had a huge bulge in my pants, and if she hadn't already seen it, she would soon. So I decided to cut the small talk. "Well, actually," I said, turning towards her and putting my hand on her thigh, "you were the first girl I was ever interested in." She blushed. "Really?" I nodded and told her everything, about how my first erections and orgasms and fantasies and wet dreams were all about her. I could see her get redder and redder. When I was finished talking she kissed me. I kissed her back. After a few minutes she got up and told me to follow her. We walked a block or two to her apartment. Once inside we kissed more and undressed. I finally freed those tits, seeing them up close and personal. I grabbed them, rubbed them, squeezed them, licked them, sucked them. She loved it. Her panties were drenched. I slid them off and threw her on the bed and rubbed her pussy as I kissed her and rubbed her tits with my free hand. I pushed my fingers into her wet, warm hole. I wiggled and pushed them and sped up and slow down, listening to her moans and squeals of delight as I worked her tits and pussy. She looked at me in the eye with a sexy expression, both innocent and naughty. I pulled my fingers out of her hole and tasted the juices on them. She tasted delicious. I began to eat her out, lapping up her juices as she moaned and squirmed. Eventually she came, shouting loud and holding my head in place. She let go and caught her breath. She sat up and pushed me on my back. "Your turn" She grabbed my rock-hard cock, soaked with precum. Each stroke pumped more of the sticky fluid out of my cock and onto her hand. She would stop every so often to lick it off. "Is this what you saw in your fantasies?' She asked. She stroked slow at first, then sped up and began to play with my balls. "What about this?" She kissed the head and licked up and down. Slowly, she put my cock in her mouth. She sucked me off for a few minutes before I told her I was cumming. She took me out of her mouth and jerked me off. I unloaded all over her beautiful tits. She had to go meet up with her sister so the fun stopped there. But we promised to do it again sometime.



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