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Fun on the bus

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This is a mutual masturbation experience I thought you might find interesting....
My girlfriend Jodie and I were on a Greyhound traveling from Portland to Sacramento. We had been dating for quite some time, but the night before our trip was the first time we had had sex. The bus carried few passengers that night. The only person sitting near us was a young lady across the isle. One by one the reading lights went out as the passengers settled in for a nap, including the young lady accross from us.In anticipation of spending the night on the bus, we had brought along a light blanket to snuggle under. Now we were cuddled together, the blanket covering us from our shoulders down, enjoying the scenery, which was softly illuminated by a full moon.It didn't take long for our whispered conversation to turn to our first sexual encounter the night before, and before long my hand had found it's way up under her tank top to cup a small but perfectly shaped breast, and her hand had found the bulge in my pants and was rubbing gently.After a few minutes of this, she said she had to use the little girl's room and got up, heading for the back of the bus, giving me a nice view of her bare legs in the denum miniskirt she was wearing.Shortly she returned, and we were back under the blanket, picking up where we had left off. "You know," she whispered in my ear, "you were the first person to ever make me cum by eating me." "Glad to be of service." I answered, rolling a pert nipple between my thumb and forefinger. "Wanna try for another first?" she whispered. "What do you have in mind?" I asked.She anwered me by taking my hand and guiding it up her bare leg.instead of the fabric of her panties as I expected my hand found a bare, and already moist pussy. She had removed her underwear while she was in the restroom. She inhaled sharply as my fingers found thier way between her folds and brushed her erect clit. Her hand found the zipper of my pants, and in a moment she had freed my hard cock and was stroking it gently and slowly.I slipped a finger inside her and continued to tease her clit with my thumb."Your tounge felt so good there Baby." she whispeed through jagged breaths. "When we get down to my sister's place, I'm gonna return the favor." She began stroking me more firmly and rapidly now, and I began to finger fuck her in earnest, giving her erect clit lots of attention in the process."The first time I get you alone, I'm gonna lick that beautiful cock of yours all over,And then take it in my mouth, and give you the best head you've ever had, and let you come all over my bare breasts." Almost at once, I felt her pussy clamp down on my finger, and the throbbing of my cock that signaled our eminent orgasms. "Omigawd, LOOK!" she gasped in my ear. I followed her gaze to the lovely girl accross the isle. She was staring straight at us,a look of pure passion on her pretty face. one hand was mauling a full breast, and the other was down the front of her shorts, moving in rapid circles.We looked just in time to see her long legs begin to tremble and her lovely body slammed by a massive orgasm.The sight of her, and what we were doing to eachother sent us over the top and we both had to bury our faces in eachother to keep from crying out loud as our orgasms hit us like a freight train.
We didn't speak to the girl for the rest of the trip, but she shared a knowing smile with us every once in a while. When we got to Sacramento, she came up to us while we were collecting our luggage, and said, "thanks for the sweet trip guys." and melted into the crowd and out into the street.




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