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Showing her

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Hey everyone,

A couple of years ago I was going to college and used to see this real cute girl standing at a small bus stop along this lane on the way to town.

I knew from her uniform that she went to one of the schools in town. I reckon she was about 15 or 16, and she was so pretty, with a great figure - nice breasts and slender figure. She had long dark hair in ringlets.

My bus didnt stop at her bus stop, but went straight past. So she never knew about me seeing her there every day.

So I decided I wanted to get to see her close up. One morning I caught an earlier bus which used to stop at her bus stop.

I got off and waited for her. After a wait, she appeared down the lane walking towards the bus stop.

I was inside the old wooden bus shelter. I was so excited at seeing her, my cock was throbbing in my pants. I unclipped my jeans, and pulled them down my thighs. My cock was twitching and wet with precum, all shaved and smooth. My balls were tight and firm with anticipation at seeing her.

I sat down on the small bench inside the shelter, and covered my privates with my jacket.

She appeared at last, coming into the shelter, and surprised to see someone there. She jumped a bit and smiled and said hello.

Close up she was ever cuter than I had thought. She had large blue eyes and full, red kissable lips. Her tits looked very pert and firm beneath the white school blouse she was wearing.

I said hello back. She stood in the doorway of the shelter, like she always did. She didnt know that behind her I had removed my jacket and was sat with my throbbing cock erect in my lap, stroking myself slowly.

For several minutes I masturbated, gazing at her slender nubile figure, her long hair, her well proportioned breasts.

A couple of cars rushed past. Then she glanced behind and looked at me.

I smiled up at her and saw her beautiful eyes widen as she saw me masturbating, my jeans around my ankles now, my shaved privates fully exposed to her, and my glistening red head swollen in my hand.

She said something like "what are you doing?"

But before I could say anything I exploded, squirting 4 or 5 ropes of hot creamy cum across the gap between us, covering the gravel floor of the bus shelter. I know she said something , but cant remember what it was. I stood up, with my cock still dripping cum, and pulled up my jeans.

She went outside and I asked her if she had enjoyed watching. She didnt say anything, so I walked off, and disappeared.

To this day she never knew who I was, but I would pass her most mornings and see her standing there - probably hoping that one day she would get another chance to see that stranger's lovely cock squirting its load for her.



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