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Fun in the Cinema

Posted by: Age: 18 Posted on: 17 comments
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Someone on here challenged me to masturbate in the cinema so here's my story of it.
So I was challenged to masturbate in the cinema during a reasonably busy time. I went in on Saturday night wearing a nice skirt and top. I went by myself, obviously I knew what I planned on doing in there so didn't want friends with me. Now, my challenge was to orgasm while watching the film wearing whatever gave me the easiest access. The other rule was that I had to do it through my panties, which if you've read any of my previous stories you'll know that I love doing. The reason for the skirt was for the easy access to my panties. I wasn't wearing any tights though so that I didn't have to pull them down in the middle of a cinema. I went in and bought my ticket. The cinema was reasonably busy but not too much which I was glad of. I didn't want to get caught. I sat down at the back where there was only one other person on my row but on the other side of it away from me. To get myself started off I decided I would using the crossing leg/thigh squeezing technique. This has always only been enough to get me started, I've never actually been able to cum this way though.. To add to the feeling I slightly swung my top leg up and down. So I sat there with crossed legs, getting into a rhythm squeezing my thighs every time I swung my top leg down. I already came into the cinema turned on with the idea of masturbating there and this helped me become so much wetter. I did this for a while making me wet and giving me a great feeling, but never really actually getting me anywhere. When I'd been enjoying this feeling for a while and getting wetter and wetter I was desperate to touch myself properly. I uncrossed and parted my legs slightly. I slipped a hand under my skirt and touched my panties. As I pressed them against my pussy and I felt the wetness seep through. My clit had been throbbing by this point and was dying to be touched. I pressed again but this time against my clit, putting pressure on it. I closed my eyes as I shivered slightly and accidentally let out a small gasp. Now I began to rub slowly, applying only slight pressure to my clit. I didn't see anyone looking anywhere near my direction so parted my legs slightly more. As the feeling grew I rubbed slightly harder and faster. My breathing grew heavier as I did this and I began using my free hand on my boobs. I first felt them through my top and as I gained more confidence that no one was looking I put my hand under my top. I moved my bra out of the way and fully felt my boob, pinching my nipple and rolling it between my fingers. As I got closer I closed my eyes and slid further down my seat, arching my back slightly as I did so. I rubbed faster and harder. I felt my orgasm building until I came. I tensed up and held back my moans. After a while my orgasm finished so I took my hand out from under my skirt and straightened up in my chair. The next part of my challenge was to leave my panties behind on the chair. So I took my panties off and put them on the chair next to me. When the film finished I moved the panties onto the chair I was sitting on and left. I don't know what happened to those panties but I hope it helped the guy or girl who found them to bring themselves to a great orgasm.



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