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A Lifetime of Mutual Masturbation

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A Lifetime of Mutual Masturbaiton
This is a story not only about masturbation but about a deep love that two people can have for each other.
A few months after I was born our neighbor gave birth to a baby girl. Of course I have no recollection of this but I do remember playing with the little girl when we were around 4 years old. By the time we were 5 years old we were best friends. By the time we were 7 we had learned about playing "doctor" and was doing it on a regular basis. I would spend time lying on top of her or her on top of me. A few months after we started playing doctor she told me, "If you will show me yours I'll show you mine." I opened my pants and pulled my little cock out for a few seconds while she looked. Then she took her panties off and I looked at her pussy for a few seconds. I remember being fascinated with her little hairless slit. Just as fascinated as she was with my little cock. Each day when were together we would proudly show our private parts to each other.
A few weeks after we started looking at each other we decided it would be nice if we touched each other. So I would take my cock out and she would hold it in her hand and play with it for a while and then I would put my hand on her pussy and rub it. We had even learned that I could pull her little lips apart and see the inside or stick my finger in it where it was real warm.
We would ever pee while the other person watched. I enjoyed getting down and looking at her as she squatted and peed. I would watch the yellow stream as it came out of her and splattered on the ground below. She loved watching me pee and it thrilled her to hold my cock as I peed.
Every day we would get together and look at each other. Although we didn't often have the opportunity to do so, if we did we would take all our clothes off and play together while we were totally naked. We really enjoyed this and we became even better friends. We both said we would remain friends for life.
I guess we were about 10 years old when I overheard some older guys talking about oral sex. Although I didn't completely understand what it was all about I did understand enough to know that it meant putting your mouth on the other persons private parts. I suggested to my best friend that we try it. We called it "kissing each other between the legs." She thought it was a great idea so she immediately removed her panties and spread her legs and I kissed her pussy. Then she took my cock and kissed it. It was a very pleasant sensation but nothing compared to what was yet to come. By the time we were 12 we were engaging in oral sex and masturbation almost every day. And then things begin to change. Her breasts began growing and we began to develop pubic hair. I well remember how we would get together and compare to see who had grown the most hair. It was about that time that she began getting really wet between her legs when I would be playing with her pussy or kissing it. And then one day I had my finger buried in her pussy and was rubbing it when all of a sudden her head went back and she started moaning and groaning and her entire body began jerking. I thought at first I had done something to hurt her but she assured me it was the best feeling she had ever had in her life. She had had her first orgasm and neither of us realized it at the time. She would take my cock and run her hand up and down it and it would feel so wonderful to me. Then one day masses of white stuff came flying out of my cock and got all over her. Since I enjoyed licking the wet stuff off of her pussy after I made her feel good she decided to lick my white stuff off my cock. We decided that we really enjoyed that and would do it every chance we had.
At that point in life we began to realize what we had been doing all those years and we vowed to continue doing it because we were after all best friends and we enjoyed doing it. Over the next few years we either masturbated each other or had oral sex every day.
Well I think you get the picture. When we were 20 years old my best friend and I married. Although we knew the other person's body as well as we knew our own we had decided not to have sexual intercourse until we married. She had had two older sisters who became pregnant before they married and saw the disappointment in her parents' faces when they found out. She did not want to disappoint her parents' like that. Although I thought at the time we should have intercourse I am not unhappy we saved something for our wedding night. We had intercourse the night we married and it was out of this world. We fucked all night long. We were now truly best friends.
To make a long story short me and that little girl, my best friend, are now 60 years old and have been married for 40 years. We love each other more today than we did 60 years ago and we are still best friends. Her pussy still looks, smells and tastes just as good as it did way back when. Every night when we go to bed we go to sleep with me with my hand cupped over her pussy and her hand around my cock. There is not a day or night that goes by that I don't still get down between her legs and kiss her pussy. And not a day or night goes by without her sucking and kissing my cock. Although we are 60 years old we still have sex or engage in mutual masturbation on an average of 4 to 5 times a week. I am still just as fascinated with her pussy as I was 55 years ago. I could look at it all day and all night and never get bored. And I am happy to add that she is still just as fascinated with my cock as I am with her pussy. I believe if we live to be 100 years old we will still get a thrill at looking, touching, kissing and enjoying each other's body. There is nothing that makes me as happier than feeling her pussy pulsating around my cock or finger as her body jerks from an orgasm. And nothing makes her as happy as my hard cock spurting wads of cum as it spurts out onto her body or in her warm mouth or pussy.
She just finished proofing this so we are going to get in bed right now and fuck. ()



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