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Fun after Work

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This happened with a new friend I made at work.



This happened with a new friend I made at work, let's call him Dylan. He's 16 with brown hair, blue eyes and a very charming smile. The place where we work happens to be his first job and this is my third. Anyways a few weeks ago he wrecked his car due to black ice and I had offered to give him a ride to work when he needed it. as the days went on of me driving him to and fro we got to talk about and learn about each other. At some point in time (I've been trying to remember how for the life of me) we got to talking about jacking off and stuff. I mentioned that I had experimented with other guys before when I was younger one thing led to another and we ended up making a plan to have a jack off session sometime when he comes over.

Lo and behold last night was that night. I picked him up from his house, we went to work, I drove him back to my place and at first we were both pretty shy despite my previous history. After a few minutes of fumbling around with conversation he said 'hey dude can I see your computer?' I was so oblivious and said 'sure' thinking he was gonna check his email, or something. Nope, he went straight to the porn I got up turned off the lights and we joked trying to see who strips first he made a lame excuse and 'you're older so you're probably gonna be bigger, therefore you should go first' we went back and forth and finally I gave in and slid down my pants but I made sure he was right behind me doing the same. after the pants I slid down my boxers, so did he. I sat down on my couch he looked over and said 'dude I like yours a lot', I said 'thanks'.

He had never seen an uncircumcised dick before but he seemed to really enjoy it more than his own. after him quickly reaching over to touch mine I did the same, I thought to myself though how strange it was for someone who says that their not gay let alone bi to want to touch another guys dick so quickly especially after what he next which was: 'hey, have you ever jacked a dick before?' I was intrigued by this and responded 'once' (total lie) he then replied 'would you want to maybe jack mine?' I was shocked at how quickly and how far this was escalating. Of course I said yes and went straight to it. For about two hours we went trading off jacking one another, playing with each others genital area and then jacking each other, it was amazing. I couldn't be more turned on by Dylan and I definitely know he couldn't be more turned on by me as he not only wanted to jack me off more than himself but he also let me cum on his chest. We had a great two hours and agreed to go it again.



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