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It Was Purely Medicinal - And Fun

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First of all, let me give you a bit of the background to how it was as a 13 year old schoolboy in a small town in England.
Schools here have physical exercise classes called PE (gym) and Games (outdoor). It was in one of the Games lessons that we had our usual game of football (for some reason Americans call it soccer). Football is a hard game and incredibly skilful, you are constantly running for 90 minutes, and I was given the job of being left-back - a defensive position on the left side of the field. For some time I had been sort of questioning my sexuality and to be honest, still am. I fancied girls alright but then again, I fancied the boys too and would often sneak a look in the showers at other boys. One of the boys I really fancied was a lad called Phillip, tall, dark hair, blue eyes and a beautiful physique - and he was playing right-wing for the opposing side. I had the job to stop him getting forward into positions where he could cross the ball for their centre-forward to score a goal.
Half way through the first half of the game, the ball was passed to Phillip, he had a few tricks up his sleeve and weaved his way up to the point where I was defending. I lunged my left foot out and kicked the ball out of the pitch. It was a fantastic piece of defending (even though I say so myself) as Phillip was such a good player. Unfortunately, as I slid on the wet grass, Phillip miss-timed his effort to put the ball past me and kicked me hard and low in the balls. Most men know how painful that can be but when you think that in football, when shooting or clearing, a ball can usually be kicked at around 80 MPH, you may have some idea of how excruciating the pain was. Needless to say, after more than a few minutes, I decided to leave the field and head back for the changing room. My game was over.
I returned to the changing room and removed my strip and socks, just leaving my boxers. I sat down still in some agony. To my amazement, the door opened and in walked Phillip. 'I'm sorry', he said 'I didn't mean to hurt you at all, I've been kicked in my dick a few times and I know how much it hurts'. I looked at him in his football strip and those white shorts and started to feel a lot better. He told me that I needed to massage my dick to make to make it feel better. I questioned him a few times about the need for such action as I had never heard of this before (I hadn't even had a wank before). He sat beside me and started talking about how he rubbed himself off every night before going to bed. I could see the bulge in his shorts, it was a colourful sight which got me hard, although I was trying to cover it up by crossing my legs and so on. I asked him to show me what he did so he pulled down his shorts to his ankles and pulled out his dick from his boxers. It was already hard and I kept thinking that I couldn't believe that here I was with this beautiful boy who I had always fancied and he was almost naked with me, rubbing his hard cock.
Pretty soon I couldn't hold out much longer and I opened my legs, revealed my hardon and started to copy what he was doing. As I later discovered, he was only slowly rubbing and so was I. I didn't feel anything for ages. He told me that he had better take my cock as he had more experience and knew how to handle one. As soon as he touched me, it felt wonderful. I wanked him whilst he wanked me - fantastic!
He then stood up, cock heading north right in front of my face and said that he wanted to taste my knob but I must not tell anyone, and I agreed. He bent down and started to lick me for a while before taking my hard dick in his mouth. He was pumping away, sort of sucking my end and wanking me at the same time, his other hand was playing with himself. I came shortly afterwards in his mouth. I had never felt anything like it before. It was wonderful. He stood up and said that I should do the same to him. So I took him in my mouth, only managing to fit the end in but he seemed to like it as he told me how to work away with my tongue around his cock. It was strange as I remember, but I could feel him throbbing inside my mouth, he came and it felt odd but nice. I swallowed as he had done to me. We sat down next to each other and kissed and talked for a while. Then we had to shower. As there was no-one around at the time, we soaped each other and cleaned one-another's bodies. We both got hardons again in the shower but didn't do anything.
There have been many times after that, at sleep-over's and the like when we have slept together and given each other blow jobs.
It's strange and I don't know what category to put myself in but now I only have sex with girls. But I also love giving blow-jobs to men and fantasise about men as well as women when I wank. Maybe I'm gay, or maybe I'm straight, or most probably I like to bat for both sides!
Anyway, that's my history of my first wank, blow-job and orgasm all in one.



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