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From Friends To Lovers

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When I graduated from college I stayed in Maine and worked for a few years. After the company I worked for was sold I lost my job and headed back to NJ. After arriving home I unpacked and met a few friends at a bar. I was introduced to a few new people. One was Kerry who was my best friends girlfriends friend! Kerry and I talked for a while and hit it off. She was funny and had a great sense of humor. Over the next few years Kerry and I were the single ones and always invited to weddings and sat together. One person said we should just go out or marry each other. In 2002 Kerry's father retired to Florida with her mom and she had the house to herself. She was happy and had a few parties. A few months later I was told by the new landlord where I was living I had four weeks to move. I called Kerry and asked if I could stay with her until I found a new place. She told me to just move in she wanted the company. I moved in a week later and had my room set up. In a few weeks we were like an old married couple. I would get home earlier than Kerry and cook dinner. Kerry would do the laundry and some housework. I would cut the grass and fix things. Kerry worked in the city and when it was warm I would walk to the train station and meet her and we would walk home talking about our days. The best part for Kerry was when she traveled I would drop her off and pick her up from the airport. She loved coming off the plane and seeing me and give me a hug and kiss on the cheek. On Thursday Kerry called me in the morning before I left and asked me to take a black dress and one of my suits to the cleaner. She had a dinner with work and needed me to go. On Friday I left early and drove into the city and brought her dress. I arrived at her office and she gave me a big kiss on the lips. She introduced me as her boyfriend and when we went to her office she said sorry and told me she was getting hit on by a VP and she told him I was her boyfriend. I saw a few pictures of us on her desk. I smiled and told her I had wanted to be her boyfriend since we met. Kerry smiled and came over, kissed me and said now I was. I smiled ear to ear. We went to the hotel where the dinner was and her company had a room for her. We went up and Kerry said she needed a place to get ready and they decided to rent a room. I asked if the room was for the night. Kerry looked at me and said other people were going to use it so no. I asked if she wanted me to wait downstairs. She asked why and said I was her boyfriend and I would see everything soon enough. I felt movement in my crotch on that sentence. Kerry went into the bathroom and came out with her dress on and asked me to zip her up. Before I did I kissed her back and shoulder and she shuddered. We went downstairs and I was introduced to the people who she works with. While we were talking to a few people I was asked what I did and told them I was in marketing. A women asked what I did and when I said she smiled and asked to talk to me privately. We talked for ten minutes and she gave me her card and told me to call on Monday. Kerry asked what that was about. I told her she wants me to quote on a few marketing jobs. I kissed Kerry and told her how big it was. After the dinner we drove home and when we arrived I told her to come into my room. With Kerry standing in my room in her dress I kissed her and told her how I was in love with her. I then told her I wanted to make her feel good and started to strip. Kerry stripped too and when she took off her bra I told her how I couldn't wait to see her breasts. I felt them and then kissed each hard nipple and Kerry moaned. She looked down at my hard penis and said it looked ready to go. I said not yet and put my fingers on her panties and slowly slid them down. Once they were on the floor I picked up Kerry and placed her on my bed. I kissed her and then her ear, breast, belly button and then I was between her legs. I kissed her pussy lips and Kerry moaned. I then slowly started to licked her pussy lips, inserted my tongue inside her and then found her clit and made her moan and curse until she had herself an orgasm. When Kerry caught her breath she said she would have made me her boyfriend a few years ago. Kerry then looked down at my hard dick and said it needs some love. She went between my legs and after stroking my dick and massaging my balls started to give me a blow job. It lasted ten minutes and it was mostly because Kerry would press in a certain place and it would prolong my ejaculating. Then she said time for mommy to get her nutrition and sucked me hard and fast and I squirted down her throat with a lot of cum. I was wiped out and may have passed out for a second. When Kerry laid her head next to mine we kissed and Kerry smiled and told me this is how I have always wanted to go to bed. In the morning we woke up spooning and my hard on was sticking into her crack. Kerry laughed and I asked her if she wanted more. She said yes and I went between her legs with my tongue and fingers and she guided them into her pussy. Kerry moaned and after a few minutes she had a morning orgasm. We laid in bed and the phone rang. Kerry ran naked into her room and brought the phone back to my bed. She told who ever it was she was still tired from a great night. When she hit the speaker button the person was asking if she told him and what happened. I replied we were in my bed naked. The girl screamed and said about time and she would call later lovebirds. We laid back down and dozed off. After a few months I proposed and we went to Maui and wed in Maui on the beach. When we returned home we had a party at our house with our friends. A few months after we had sex almost daily and sometimes 2 or 3 times Kerry tells me she is pregnant. Seven months later I am a father to a boy. Six months after that Kerry asks if I remember when we had sex for the first time since the baby was born. I smile yes. Kerry smiles well I'm pregnant again. Seven months later a little girl. I get snipped and Kerry has her tubes tied. I now have the woman I want and a boy and girl and couldn't be happier.



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